College of the Holy Cross vs. Fordham University vs. American University for Pre-Med

If I plan on going on a pre-med track and I want to go to med school, should I go to Fordham, Holy Cross, or American University? Which school would give me the best chance at a Top 20 Medical School? Which one would adequately prepare me for the MCAT?

They are all wonderful schools. Congratulations.

I dont have any specific input other than Dr Anthony Fauci, head of NIH and lead doc on the Coronavirus task force is a Holy Cross grad. He did ok.

I applied to Holy Cross last year. Great school. I am not premed (finance at Bucknell) but I remember how impressive HC’s med school acceptence rate is. At HC, med school advising starts freshman year. Beware of schools that use Organic Chem grades as the weeding out process (you will need a recommendation to med school from your college’s heath advising committee and HC’s program was very personalized). Good luck

all can get you to med school. Personally, I’m a big fan of Jesuit education, so can’t go wrong with HC or Fordham. You’ll have to choose based on location (Wooster vs NYC), size (lac vs. mid-sized Uni), and cost. Can you visit to see if a LAC is the size of college that you are seeking? (Both of my kids would not apply to any college that was smaller than their high school.)

btw: as big a fan as I am of Jesuit Education, I’ve always been disappointed in HC and their “med school acceptance rate” as its extremely misleading; they cook the books. Basically, HC has a health committee and if they don’t accept you into the Premed track, you don’t get a Recommendation from them. And if you don’t get a recommendation from them, you don’t count in the numerator or denominator of their published med school acceptance rate.

Have you been accepted into HC AND into their premed track as a Frosh? (Those in the premed track get first dibs on premed classes such as Gen Chem; others get in line, space available.)

When looking at any college for pre-med, it is important to note that there is no universally accepted definition of that term. Is it all the freshmen who express interest? Sophomores? Juniors who actually apply? Alumni who apply several years later? Or is it just people who get the committee letter?