College of William and Mary ED OOS Chances?

<p>I'm a high school Senior at a public arts magnet in Texas. My class rank is 36/226 and my weighted gpa is 3.93 of 4.00. I will have taken 9 AP classes by the end of my Senior year, including AP Physics and AP Calculus AB. I also have a consistent upward trend on my cumulative high school UW GPA with an increasingly difficult course selection; Freshman year was a 3.74 (pre-ap biology, Algebra I, geography, and English I), Sophomore year was a 3.83(AP World History, pre-ap geometry, chemistry, French I, and English II), and Junior year so far has been a 3.89 (AP US History and Language, pre-ap physics, Algebra II, and French II) I took Trigonometry and College Algebra this summer at a community college. My academic courses for this year are AP Physics, AP Calculus, AP Psychology, AP Government, AP Economics, Sociology, AP Literature, and French III PAP.</p>

<p>SAT Superscore:
CR: 800
M: 700
WR: 630
Composite: 1500</p>

-200+ theatre hours, will be inducted into the International Thespian Society in October
- Founder, contributor, and Editor-in-Chief of my school's art magazine.
- President and founder of a Human Rights Club at my school (I have organized and executed several voting registration drives at my school through this club and am currently working on organizing more as well as a food drive in collaboration with the North Texas Food Bank)
-NHS member
-Founding and active member of my school's environmental club (every day during lunch we take out all of the recycling in the school)
-Organized many activities as the leader of my school's Creative Writing Club, including lunch readings of the Outsiders in anticipation of S.E. Hinton visiting our school
- Participated in various cultural and artistic events as a volunteer for my school's Free Tibet Club
- Co-founded my school's Secular Students Alliance
- Volunteer as an AP tutor at a local prep school
- (More of an accolade, but still worth mentioning) received my school's Student of the Month Award (1 boy and 1 girl are chosen from each grade per month) every year of high school, and received the Student of the Year Award my Freshman year and Junior year. (one boy and one girl is chosen out of every grade)</p>

<p>I've interviewed on campus, and that was an amazing experience. My interviewer and I had a great conversation and I left confident that I made a strong impression. My rec letters are also strong, since the teachers writing them are also sponsors of the clubs I've founded.

<p>W&M uses CR+M. With a 1500/1600 and pretty much any reasonable GPA and ECs, you're in.</p>


Were you accepted?