College of Wooster vs Lawrence University for Biology

Our D has received EA acceptances at both College of Wooster and Lawrence - her top 2. Any feedback regarding these schools would be appreciated for a kid that is smart and quirky.


My son has been accepted to both EA and is also interested in Biology. Would love to hear people’s thoughts. He is also quirky and has ADHD/exec function challenges.


Don’t know about Wooster but I’m currently a student at Lawrence. The school is definitely quirky (although with covid going on it’s a little bit timid). We also have a rigorous academic culture. Students be spending most of their time doing homework and projects. I’m not majoring in bio but my friends are and they say that classes are challenging, especially BIO 130. If this sounds like something your d is looking for that’s great. I can also answer some other questions.
Oh and the trimester system is something to think about as exams come pretty fast for a 10 weeks class (stress etc)

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We visited both schools with our D this past week. CoW did an amazing job of presenting the campus - stunning, the learning environment - challenging and supportive, the students - diverse and supportive. For our D, she’ll be attending CoW - she said she felt proud when she walked the campus.

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