college or wharton?

<p>i'm thinking about applying to upenn next yr....i want to work in advertising. is it better to to major in communications at the college, or marketing at wharton?</p>

<p>it depends...
do u like money?</p>

<p>i have an idea
how bout you do both?</p>

<p>i thought you can only apply to one</p>

<p>what he means is get into either the college or wharton, then do a dual degree with the other school while you are in</p>


<p>and yea that's what i meant, pretty much
although applying to wharton and dual-degreeing w/ college is easier.. right?</p>

<p>really? i 'd think it's the other way around</p>

<p>i mean.. getting the dual degree.. yeah u kno what i dunno</p>

<p>haha you are right afaforce, but lets not get ahead of ourselves as getting into wharton is very difficult. Perhaps applying to the college first is a better bet,</p>

<p>if you want to work in advertising, wharton has a cool concentration called marketing and communications. essentially it is a dual concentration program, integrating some of the classes. it could be highly useful for people looking to go into ad sales.</p>

<p>I got into the College but I plan to doublemajor with Wharton as well... you just need to take some required Econ/math/etc classes and have a 3.8+ GPA I believe.</p>

<p>yeah i got into wharton and plan to dual-degree w/ something in college... really really hoping to</p>

<p>I regret not applying Wharton directly because I think it'd be harder to get into Wharton through Penn than through high school :/ but there's always the chance I could have been rejected hardcore style if I had done that but alas...</p>

<p>legendofmax, let me just stress once again the level of difficulty of getting a 3.7 gpa. I donno about college, but for engineering students, its next to impossible. (Aprroximately 10-15% of students get As and A-s in entry level classes. The curves get harder as you proceed). So your best bet might be take 4 one star classes freshman year and apply at the end of freshman year.</p>

<p>What kind of classes? I thought I had to take like certain Econ and Math classes?</p>

<p>just take the basic econ classes if you havent taken the APs in H.S. and got a 5 on them</p>

<p>So what is essential? Just the econ classes? I'm currently a Val at my school with the Full IB thing going on and I did well on standardized testing... will it really be that hard to get a 3.8?</p>

<p>Econ1 and 2 (unless you have waivers), and Math104 (unless, again, if you have AP credit), and a GPA > 3.8.</p>

<p>Its pretty easy to do, just be smart and not overly ambitious. Take easy classes that you're sure to get an A (try to avoid science classes - the curves tend to be rougher), and you'll be set. Remember that college is different from high school though, and a lot of ppl say the study style is different (though I haven't noticed much of a change). Most classes are 2 midterms and 1 final, so it would be helpful if you are a good test taker.</p>

<p>For engineering students, are Econ1 and 2 required or electives? Cuz I dont want to overburden myself. I want to keep my courseload to 4 at most 5 courses.</p>

<p>also, for mechnical engineers, do you have to take BOTH intro chem and physics frosh year?</p>