College Park Scholars Placement

<p>After the students place their preferences for a specific program, is anyone aware of how the placements are made?</p>

<p>In completing the preference form, it appears that the business program can not be put in as a second choice. It appears that unless it is your first choice you are not going to get placed in it due to the popularity of the business program.</p>

<p>If the placements are made prior to the students making their commitment to the university, how are they assured a spot? If say many students choose STS and those spots are offered in March to students who have yet to accept and others are placed in their second or third choice, do those spots open up if the offers are declined as late as May 1st. I think I am asking if a student is offered his second or third choice can he request to be put on a waiting list if a spot in his desired program opens up?</p>

<p>Is preference given to students that have committed or is preference given to students that are still being courted to commit?</p>

<p>Are the full applications reviewed again for placement or are only the responses to the preference survey considered?</p>

<p>Thanks for you help.</p>

<p>I am currently in the Scholars(Life Sciences) program at UMD, so I know a little about this. Basically, selections are made based on 1. Your Preferences 2. Available Space 3. Your Application(GPA/SAT). So if you are a top student, you will very likely get into the program you want. I for instance, applied into the Life Sciences program, which is the most competitive, and got in. I didn't have a stellar application, and I got my first choice into the most competitive program. If you are any kind of decent student, you should have no problem getting into your first choice. If space is an issue, they bump the worst candidates first. You should be fine, Good Luck!</p>

<p>Any oher thoughts?</p>

<p>What Terps93 says is correct. There are a couple of programs that have the highest demand, but generally they try to get people into their preferences. Just get your request in by the date they specify.</p>