College Park Scholors? What? PLEASE HELP

<p>So Got in (Yay!) and now i find out i got into scholars. i read that its like a living community etc great. some questions: Does it look better to employers? Do you get a separate diploma? also how does it compare to honors? How hard is it to get into? I see the dorms are on north campus, is this a good thing? Are the Dorms "Nicer" then normal ones? Can You Still Rush? are the classes that different? Whats with the No A/c .... Please Help</p>

<p>I went to UMD visitation day and they talked about this alot. Basically its just them making a clique for you. You will be in the same dorm as others inside your major. I think its somewhere between general admission and honors college, but i dont know how employers look at it (why are you worrying about that already?).</p>

<p>also, is there any sort of priority given to scholars for class selection, how can you transfer to honors (reqs) and just what are the general perks of scholars.</p>