College Placement Tests for both Chemistry and Calculus

<p>How should I review for the chemistry and calculus placement tests? I've taken up to pre-calc and plan to be a science major with minors in the social sciences, on the pre-med track, so it's pivotal that I place into some sort of calculus (preferably the one taken by engineering majors) at least. I've heard Chemistry is difficult at UF, and would like to test out of that, but wouldn't be miffed if I couldn't test out of said course.
Any help would be appreciated - I have about a month til Preview and would like to get a head start. Thanks!</p>

<p>The placement test for chem only places you out of worthless intro the chem, and into chem1.</p>

<p>The calc placement test can place you into calc 1 I believe. You don't need to prepare, they're easy, if you can't pass them, you should probably not place out anyway.</p>

<p>Ah, I understand. I remember the tour guide saying something about testing out of * intro * to chem.
I was looking at some UC math placement tests, and they weren't too bad, just a little tedious in terms of solving the actual problem.
Now, off to tackle the language requirement issue!</p>