College planning

Hello, everyone. I am a Freshman in high school, I know-a bit young to be worrying about college-but I have a really important question. I go to a technical high school, where there will be no AP classes. Four years from now I want to go to a good college; Harvard, Yale, UCLA or schools out of state, such as Oxford. But I am concerned that with the lack of AP classes that I won’t have an opportunity. Should I stay in the school or what could I do to help increase my chances of getting into good colleges? Also, my parent’s aren’t the wealthiest of people, so if I miraculously got into one of those colleges what possible scholarships could I apply for to help me? I would really appreciate your help!

Thank you for you time!

Colleges consider the rigor of your schedule in terms of what your school provides. So if your school has no APs, they will look for other indicators of rigor in your schedule (honors? advanced? not sure if your school has those). I have no knowledge about how technical schools appear to AOs when reviewing your application, hopefully someone else can chime in with more detailed info