College prep? or public?

<p>Hello! In my city there is a new college prep school opening. My parents are trying to decide if I should go to that school, or the local public school. At the college prep school I can take more AP courses, and have a definite math class my senior year, however the public school has more extra curricular activities, which school would look better to college admissions officers, or would it really matter?</p>

<p>I personally think you should focus on where you'd be happy, not what school would look better to admissions officers. From your post, I am guessing you're a rising freshman or sophomore. Please do yourself a favor and don't worry too hard about what will look good on a college app. This will merely stress you out when you could be spending valuable time doing something you love. Remember, you have THREE YEARS of high school before you even start applying to colleges. Colleges would probably rather see you following your interests rather than doing a ton of activities to impress them. </p>

<p>If APs is what you want (and you can afford it) then go the prep school. There are plenty of ECs you can do outside of school if you don't like what your school offers. Probably half of my ECs are not through my school. Then again, if you really want to do the activities at the public school, go there and make the most of your education. I don't think it really makes that much of a difference where you go, as long as you take your time there and make it shine. Work hard academically and have fun! As a senior looking back at the last three years of high school, I wish that I hadn't let the stress culture of my generation get to me so much. I am just starting to realize how much better it is to do what you love and worry about college apps when the time comes. </p>

<p>Research schools so you find ones that you love, and not just ivies. Try to come up with a list of schools with a wide spectrum of selectivity so that no matter where you get in, you'll be happy to be going to that school. Try NOT to have only one school that you "HAVE to go to or else your life will end", because that is really gambling and you may well end up disappointed. Make choosing between the schools on your list a hard decision because that means that you would really love to be at any of the schools. And after that, just be yourself. I think that in the end, that aspect will be what will matter most to you and to the college that you end up attending.</p>

<p>Good luck with your big decision. I'd be interested in knowing how it turns out for you!</p>


<p>thank you for your advice</p>

<p>Awesome post devushka. You speak the truth!</p>

<p>That's good advice. Definitely focus on where you'd be happiest and most successful.</p>

<p>That said, going to a college prep school will give you an edge in admissions... if the school is known by admissions people. I'm not sure how much of an edge the new (unknown) school would give you, besides just the extra opportunities to take more challenging classes. I'd say it really depends how good your local public school is and how much of an edge you think the prep school will give you, and how that balances out with your personal preferences about each school.</p>