College Program Acceptance (transfer)

Hi guys, so I have some rather ambiguous questions. I have attended a total of three colleges in my career so far, and to put it simply, the first two did not go well at all. At school 1 I studied bio, and at school two, I studied business, and did very poorly at both, mainly due to extreme lack of effort. With that being said, I took a gap year and hit the working world. This experience ultimately led me to decide that I want to peruse a degree. So, I began studying engineering science at a local community college, and have kept my grades immaculate at this new school (3.6), despite the difficulty of the classes. The time for me to transfer to a four year school is right around the corner, and that has risen some anxiety inducing questions.

  1. Will only the gpa from my most recent school be considered? Or will it be an accumulation of them all? I’ve been told it will only be my most recent school, but I want to hear what others think.

  2. Will colleges even consider my former poor grades? Even if they’re related to a completely different field of study?

  3. Do you guys think my newfound motivation and evidence of success will be enough to get me accepted?

  4. If I retake my SAT and score higher than I did previously, would it be beneficial to me?

The colleges and universities that I am familiar with will recalculate all grades from all accredited schools to determine admission. Some schools will not calculate an F over a certain number of years. Some schools will not re-calculate F and D’s if excluded from the GPA transcript from that institution. Other schools will count only the higher grade in a repeated course. So, long story short, it is very dependent upon the school you are applying to. Make certain you have taken all of the pre-reqs for the required major. Check with an admission counselor to see if it would be helpful for admission to retake any classes in which you failed or have a grade of C or D. Very important to know what the college is looking for in your essay. You will need to explain, not make excuses, for previous poor academic record. If you can highlight any successes in the private sector, achievements or volunteer work in the field to which you are applying will be a positive factor. Making contact with the school through admissions, interview, attending virtual info sessions, learning and writing about the program and why you are considering that school and that particular program will be other positive factors. Would not waste time and money on retaking SAT or ACT. Best of luck to you!

You will need to submit all transcripts from schools attended.

Yeah, I know that, my question is what is considered to be my gpa upon submission of application. Just my current school, or all schools?

Thank you very much! I have taken and done well in all the pre-reqs, my only fear is the inclusion of grades from previous institutions, be due that will bring my gpa down significantly. I will be sure to contact the school directly. When you say accredited, do you mean engineering programs? Or generally accredited?

The school where you took your courses must be accredited.

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If I didn’t know that I wouldn’t have posed the question :sob::sob::sob:. However, in my opinion I think that is absolute nonsense. Schools will charge you to the teeth to be in a class that the educator doesn’t even care about their students, just their financial gain. In my opinion I think it should be the students right to share what transcripts they feel represent them, especially considering the sickening price of these unfulfilling courses.

I agree it’s very frustrating when you’ve really turned things around. I think the schools you’re applying to will appreciate your progress, clear upward trend and tenacity! I wish you lots of success!