College Rankings. Good or Bad?

<p>I used to be fascinated by the US News & World Reports Top Colleges rankings, but after four years at an ivy, I find myself more interested by others' fascination with these lists. Why does one magazine get to tell millions of students each year, what colleges are the best institutions? And perhaps more importantly, the best for whom?</p>

<p>My friends and I built our own college ranking system - Zorter</a> - Top Colleges -- and we think it beats old-school rankings a thousand times over. Instead of telling students what the "best" universities are, why don't we let our users tell us what matters to them and give them a customized ranking based on their preferences? </p>

<p>We'd really appreciate it if you could check out the site and tell us your thoughts!</p>

<p>Zorter</a> - Top Colleges</p>

<p>All they do is help make the college admissions more stressful and the complete thing is a moneymaking scheme instead of a search for an institution best suited to US.</p>