College Recs And Extra Cirriculars

<p>QUESTION--is it unethical to:
a) have several teachers write college recs for them....then pick the best ones and send them in w/ ur app. < thoughts, plz
b) reuse recs and just replace the college name? <thoughts, plz</p>

<p>also w/ extra cirriculars..
which ones look best on the common app and any app?
they say rank in order of importance..
well which one looks better to admissions officers at the top schools (not necessarily HYPS but like highly selective schools)</p>

<p>You ask teachers for LORs, provide the forms to them, and they take it from there. Applications will ask of you waive your right to read the LOR, most (all?) people say yes to this. </p>

<p>a) No, you should not ask for several and pick the best, it takes time for teachers to write LORs for all of the seniors that ask, you shouldn't be making extra work for them just to serve your self-interest.<br>
b) You ask your teacher to send the LOR to several schools, you do not change anything.</p>


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