College Recs?

I’m looking for any recommendations for schools I should apply to.
I think my application will be good but not anything incredible. I got pretty average grades(3.9 GPA), I have a good amount of extracurriculars but nothing mind-blowing, and I think I’ll have pretty good recs. I’m confident in my writing skills, so I think my essays will be a strong point. I posted another discussion with my specific stats if anyone would like to go more in depth. I’m a rising senior.

I’m from PA. I’d like to major in English or Psychology with a minor in Film Studies, so a college where those programs are good is really important to me. An English program that’s really interdisciplinary would be a huge plus.

It’s also really important to me that the school has no religious affiliation, and I’d prefer it to be co-ed but that’s not necessarily a deal breaker.

I’d like to go to a small to medium school, preferrably in an area with a lot of things to do in nature(hikes, parks, etc.) around. I’m mainly looking at colleges in the Northeast area.

I’d like to stay below $35,000 a year, but I’m not opposed to applying to more expensive schools(as you can see from my list lol).

Here’s my list so far:
Ithaca College
Appalachian State University
The New School
Temple University
Penn State
William and Mary
Oberlin College
Boston University
Vassar College

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

The descriptions in these articles may suggest further ideas for you:

Check out Clark in MA. Strong for psychology and a friend’s daughter who was in the film program did an internship with Ken Burns. Don’t know much about their English program. Friend got good merit aid.

Hobart and William Smith Colleges might be worth a look. Famous alum is Brad Falchuk (American Horror Story). He offers a few internships every year that are exclusive to HWS students, or so we were told when we visited. They have pretty good scholarship opportunities, too.

Just by reading what you read on this post, BU is probably not a good fit? (just my opinion), they have hardly any green spaces on campus, when I toured it it seemed more like a concrete jungle, and the school is also quite big.

I’d drop Penn State & NYU for cost. NYU is very urban.

Temple & The New School are also very urban.

I agree with the person above that said Hobart. I also agree that BU may not be a good fit. I toured there in February but didn’t like it, I felt that it was lacking a true college campus feel. I recommend looking at Gettysburg College and Franklin & Marshall College. I think you should keep penn state on the list, especially since it is your state school and a lot can change financially with you in the next year. It is always good to have an affordable option. Also look into Bucknell, it may be a reach depending on your SAT/ACT but I think its worth a shot.