College Requires, But Major Does Not?

<p>So I was looking into Kent State ( Kent</a> State University, A Top Ohio University ) and it says on that the college requires 2 years in a foreign language, but while on the kent state university site I was looking through the majors and the major of 3D Visual Graphic's Design was what I wanted. I went to the link and it brought me to the Visual Communication Design part of the site ( Visual</a> Communication Design - B.A. and B.F.A. ) and it says in the requirements section that I dont need a language requirement. </p>

<p>My question is do I need a language to get into the college, but dont need extra language units for this school?</p>

<p>Ask if you dont understand my question.</p>


<p>The admission requirements with respect to foreign language may differ from the graduation requirements. A major or division that does not list any foreign language requirements is saying that you need not take any more than needed to be admitted.</p>

<p>Yeah thats what I was thinking, but I didnt know for sure, thanks!</p>

<p>Sometimes you need to apply 2 applications, one for general, one for the department.
You need to fulfill both, school and the dept's requirements.</p>