College Road Trip

Just wanted to share what schools we will be visiting the last week of June:

Ohio University
Miami University (Ohio)
University of Dayton
Xavier University
Kent University
Case Western Reserve (reach)
Scranton University ¶

Later in the summer may visit URI, UMASS, Syracuse

A couple of the above schools were recommended by various CC members. Any thoughts about the above?

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We are also visiting UMass and Case Western in the next few weeks. I don’t know much about the others, but both of these schools are considered good for STEM areas. What is the field of interest?

Honestly, not sure. He is really strong in math and is also a strong writer. Just getting a feel of different types of campuses. Just glad he is willing to visit. lol

If you are looking to get a feel for different types of campuses, you may as well stop at OSU so you can see what a big 10 campus feels like too :).

Other schools in the area that you may want to check out are Denison and Kenyon (for a smaller LAC vibe).

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Scranton is far. Yes case is big city. Ohio rural. Big academic gap between the two. Maybe add Dayton or Cincy for drive bys. Wooster. You might move Scranton with Syracuse. It’s closer. Add another Ohio School.

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