College Search Suggestions

<p>I have a few schools set out to visit and research on over the summer, but I want input on schools that I should add to the list or remove from this list. </p>

<p>But first, some really basic stats and preferences:</p>

<p>ACT: 35 (36s on Math and Science)
GPA: 3.7 UW at competitive school ranked top 3% of class(13/550)
Taken 8 APs by end of Junior Yr(Bio, Chem, Physics C Mech, Stat, English, CompSci, Calc BC, and MicroEcon)
Major: Engineering(Mechanical, Biomedical, Physics, Electrical)not sure yet
Want a school in Northeast of America
Money is not a problem

<p>I used the CC Search and my own experiences to create this list: (hardest to easiest in my opinion)
9.john hopkins
11.carnegie mellon

<p>I just want to know whether this is a legitimate list and if there are any changes possible.
I think I might be inviting too many rejection letters from the ivies or that my outlook on college admissions is a bit over-confident.</p>

<p>And any suggestions where I should ED? I'm thinking Upenn, Columbia, and Cornell, but that isn't definite.
Thanks in advance.</p>

<p>This seems like a lot of schools. Imagine that you get into all your safeties. Which one would you not go to? Eliminate at least two safeties that way. Do the same thing for your reaches. That gives you 12 schools which is a little better. Other than that your list looks okay.</p>

<p>Duke is not a match school... it accepted 14% of applicants during this past application cycle (more like 11% if you are planning on applying RD). Duke's acceptance rate this past year is equivalent to UPenn's, lower than Cornell's, and slightly higher than Dartmouth's. Basically, Duke is just as hard to get into these days as any of the non- HYP Ivies.</p>

<p>Can you afford CMU and JHU? If yes, I think the list is fine because you will get into those. The reaches are just that, especially if you're from a well represented state with a lot of competition at those schools.</p>

<p>Are there any schools I should EA to?
MIT seems like an option, and UChicago seems okay too, but are there any that I am missing?</p>

<p>And I took off tcnj and stevens. </p>

<p>Any other suggestions?</p>