College selection and future Med school - IL resident

I am new to this whole pre med thing. We are IL residents. My question is if my daughter were to choose to go to an oos college for her pre med (B.S), would that reduce/hinder her chances of being accepted to an IL med school in the future. For eg. SIU only accepts IL residents.


Your daughter will still be an Illinois resident as long as you parents don’t relocate to a different state.

In terms of acceptance to medical school….on that one, there are no guaranteed acceptances. When the time comes, your daughter’s MCAT score and GPA and SGPA will be the things that run the first screen for medical school applicants.

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As long as you are IL residents, she can maintain IL residency no matter where she goes to college.

The biggest issue is cost. Med school is expensive, so your best bet may be for her to go where college will cost the least for her, which might be public in-state for college.

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I agree with the above advice.

However, I will point out that the majority of pre-meds today no longer apply to med school directly from undergrad (only 31% do so)

It’s quite common for pre-meds to take one or more gap years before they apply to strengthen their ECs. If your daughter takes this route, she will be a resident of whichever state she moves to post college graduation.

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Only SIU has a strong in-state admission preference. (SIU only accepts IL residents for admission. Its mission is to provide doctors for the rural/small town areas of central & southern IL. This means if your family lives in the Chicago area, SIU probably isn’t going to be interested in accepting your daughter even if she is a IL resident.)

UIC takes almost 1/3 of its entering students from OOS.

The other IL med schools–Carle, Northwestern, UChicago Pritzker, Rosalind Franklin, Loyola, Rush and CCOM–are all private schools and do not offer any in-state bias in admission.