College Sports Divisions

<p>Can someone tell me where I can find a link to a page showing all schools, and categorizing which Division they're in? Are all Ivy League schools D1, or is it mixed? Thanks for the help.</p>


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<p>Got this in about 30 seconds. Just search Google!</p>

<p>What do you mean? Different teams are different levels for different sports. Ivies are all Division 1-AA for football. Look here...</p>

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<p>with relatively rare exceptions (johns hopkins and hobart in lacrosse, for example) schools will compete in the same division in all sports. further, conferences (big ten, ivy league, et cetera) are comprised of schools competing in the same division.</p>

<p>most 'big name' schools compete in division 1, which is divided into two subdivisions for football. among others, the ivies, patriot league schools and top historically black colleges compete in d1-aa, the lower of the two football subdivisions. this is the only sport within any ncaa division that is subdivided in this fashion, however, and consequently it is no more fair to say that these schools compete at different levels in different sports than it is to say that texas or usc do for competing in d1-a in football and d1 in all other sports.</p>