College Starting Soon for '10 Graduates - Where is your graduate?

<p>As in, where are they in the process of getting ready - both physically and emotionally for the move???? (if they are going away to school)</p>

<p>S will move in Aug. 28. He is NOT mentally there! Still here, with all his friends, college lurking in the background. Just got his roommate assignment - I had hoped for more excitement at this point, but maybe....cause he's a guy it's just not what we had when our D started. </p>

<p>Most purchases for school have been mom-initiated. Still have a ways to go buying "stuff" - though the amount of "stuff" will knowingly be less than his sister's first move in.</p>

<p>He's nervous, curious, and sad to leave his friends. The excitement IS there, but I see it only in brief doses.</p>

<p>How are things at your house???</p>

<p>D also moves in on 8/28. We fly to NYC on 8/27. D is ready to be at school now. She was not able to get a job this summer so has done some babysitting and birthday party princess work and has cleaned out her room quite well this summer, but is otherwise ready to be on with the next phase of her life.</p>

<p>D has been hanging out with friends more than ever before and some of them are getting ready to leave next week. Emotionally I think D has been distancing herself from the family somewhat this summer maybe as a way to prepare for being all the way across the country from us. She has been respectful and helpful, but much prefers to spend time with her friends. H and I have let her do mostly what she wants this summer as she really is a great kid and all is working out well. </p>

<p>Inside I am a bit fragile when I think of her so far away, but I do not want her to see this too often as I want her to know we are her loving and supporting her in all that she does. I know when I finally leave her at school that I will probably be a basket case on the plane ride back home. H is not coming with us as he has to stay here for D2 who has a lot going on that weekend.</p>

<p>D has done nothing at all to get ready. She is working full-time, so she is getting ready money wise. I've initiated a list, but I won't do shopping by myself. I did for S as he was employed out of state. I think she's more than ready emotionally.</p>

<p>S has been watching older brothers pack up and go for the past 5 years. He's going to jump out of his skin if this doesn't happen soon. He's had most of his "stuff" for awhile. Most items were bought for him at same time as older sibs.</p>

<p>I think the excitement began yesterday, when an alum of D's university hosted a picnic for all the incoming freshmen in our area. It was really nice for D to meet some of the kids, as she only knows 2 kids at her university. 8/21 is our start date.</p>

<p>^^^ Awww..what a great idea!</p>

<p>MY D goes 8/27 and we have just started the shopping. She cannot wait to go. My S will be home from his summer job about a week before she leaves, so all of the stuff to move back to two colleges will be all over the house.</p>

<p>My S seems to be getting excited. Finally. Well, at least that's what he told his grandparents. Oh, and he also looked through the bags of misc dorm stuff I picked up the other day. Normally he'd just get the bags out of the car and forget them.</p>

<p>My son is not into shopping either. He has tried on some new tennis shoes, and new jeans to make sure it all fits. He is not interested in what color his sheets are, what his comforter looks like, etc. </p>

<p>He is working on his summer assignment, and he is connecting with other incoming students on facebook every now and then. He works part time too. Other than that, he is hanging out with friends from HS and some who were in college already but are at home this summer (kids that went to his HS).</p>

<p>Mine cannot wait. He has actually participated in several shopping trips with me. We've bought a lot of new clothes and all his dorm stuff although he's using the bedding that his older brother had for freshman year. He doesn't seem at all sad to be leaving his friends, most of whom are attending school here in our college town. He leaves in two weeks and two days but we'll be gone on vacation 8 of those days so I'm insisting that everything be ready before vacation. We just need to pick up a case of bottled water, some breakfast cereal and a lot of granola bars.</p>

<p>We just dropped mine off at the airport. He is working in the sports department and he has to be there by tomorrow. He will stay with a co-worker for a few weeks and then I will go and help him get settled into his dorm.</p>

<p>His experience as a freshman won't be typical, but this is what he wants to do. I am nervous because it all seems so unsettled, but he starts work tomorrow and will have a few really tough weeks. I hope he likes it and that he remembers to study when classes start.</p>

<p>Wow, that sounds cool^^ lastminute! A job already!</p>

<p>Ds doesn't start for more than another month, so it still seems like a ways off. He's slowly but surely doing everything he needs to and is getting a little excited. He was happiest when he finally connected with his roommate, who is an intl student. That made it feel real. We've done no real shopping because we are flying and will do a lot of it there, but he's doing a lot of groundwork -- trying on clothes, figuring out what we'll need to buy. My job is to figure out how much room is in the luggage and what needs to be bought where (here or there, which stores).</p>

<p>Move in day for my son is 8/26. We're flying back on the 24th and will spend the 25th shopping. Although I think I'll look into shopping at my local Bed Bath and Beyond and picking up some stuff there. He really has no interest in what kinds of sheets or towels so I probably won't take him. He does need to do some clothes shopping here before we go. He also needs to finish his summer reading and take an online alcohol test. Most of his friends are attending UC's which won't start up until September so he's in no rush right now to think about college.</p>

<p>S is on the couch! No job, not doing agreed schedule of household chores, not shaving.... GRRR.</p>

<p>Not shopping (are you kidding me? LOL) We have his XL sheets and I finished his afghan. He may have 2 pairs of pants to take, but maybe not since he wore one of the decent-er ones to help my friend haul garbage. But if that is all he takes, it will be OK. He is only 5 hrs drive away, unlike DD who went as far away as possible. (shipped 2 boxes, took 2 suitcases, packed a week before.)</p>

<p>BUT .. he has 8 weeks more at home. P L E N T Y of time (to drive me crazy!).</p>

<p>S is getting ready, dropping him off 9/2.</p>

<p>Dorm shopping done long ago ( at his request, with his input)</p>

<p>He is doing some summer pre assignments.</p>

<p>I plan to take him out next week for some clothes shopping, he could use a few things.</p>

<p>He's been working. I hope he's saved some, since this will be his spending money for the year.</p>

<p>He was supposed to set up an appointment for a physical, he's 18 and they wouldn't let me do it. I am not nagging him, rather trying to get him to do responsible adult things on his own. We'll see if he has to scramble at the last minute.</p>

<p>His room and part of our house is a blown out mess. We are switching his room with the 2 D's when he leaves, he offered to help with this before he left, but I think he's going to leave it a big fat disaster zone.</p>

<p>And he has totally slacked on the few minor chores he has.</p>

<p>^^^I feel your pain. My S's job with the Census Bureau ended June 28 and he's done a whole lot of nothing since then. If I had it all to do over again I would have at least insisted he volunteer at the local soup kitchen (which he has done before) a couple of days a week. But he leaves in two weeks and it just seems like more trouble than it is worth now.</p>

<p>DS leaves in two weeks. He's been conscientious about summer reading, but totally unengaged in shopping for his dorm room. He seems pretty anxious to me--not eating much, waking up early, etc. Roommate and dorm information will be arriving this week. I hope he'll calm down when he has a little more certainty about where he'll be and who he'll be living with. He told me yesterday that he's looking forward to being done with the period of anticipation and just getting there and diving in. I'm starting to feel the same way.</p>

<p>PMKjr left over a month ago to be a camp counselor. I really miss him.</p>