College students pay tuition by hooking up with sugar daddies, mommas

" releases annual list universities with the most alternative dating profiles … In the United States, there are more than 8.7 million women and 3.278 million men looking for arrangements with 2.1 million sugar daddies and 370,498 sugar mommas, according to the company

‘There is no “typical” arrangement, but this is how we define it: An arrangement is an upgraded relationship built on a foundation of honesty about expectations,’ Kimberly De La Cruz, SeekingArrangement head of public relations, told FOX Business. 'Whether it’s time constraints, polyamory or wanting to be strictly platonic, these couples are open and upfront. We call it “Relationships on Your Terms.” …

… University of Alabama: Students seeking arrangements: 968" …

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@Dave_Berry , I’m pretty surprised that you posted this without some kind of caveat. Wondering if you read the opener:

Mom and Dad can’t or won’t pay for college? Not smart or athletic enough for scholarships? Financing the tens of thousands of dollars needed to pay for tuition, fees, room and board seems impalatable?

Come to an arrangement.

Really??? Sorry, but this is probably the worst thing ever posted on CC, because this article is treating this topic as though it’s perfectly fine for WOMEN to consider doing this to pay for college. I think this is objectionable, truly. At no point does the article condemn this behavior. Indeed, if it offers any sort of disclaimer at all, it’s that Fox quotes Seeking Arrangement as saying, effectively, it’s not just about money for sex. Wow.

Fox News is just presenting the information. Unbiased.

They’re not supposed take sides, either way.

I would certainly would not be at all supportive of my child doing such a thing, BUT, one could argue that if the arrangements are between 2 consenting adults, then it’s not really anyone else’s business.

I would bet big money that those claiming to be students are not. There may be a few but not the numbers SA claims. A young girl stating she is a student is probably just her shtick and also gives the men a reason to lie to themselves. Saying they are “helping” a girl with tuition is probably easier to rationalize then the truth.

@OhiBro , they are not just presenting the information. They are CONDONING it. Read the opener again. Verbatim, Fox says: “COME TO AN ARRANGEMENT.”

As if this is a perfectly acceptable way for students to finance their education. Sorry, but Seeking Arrangement is not a Go Fund Me substitute. Everyone understands Seeking Arrangement is about money for sex.

I personally am horribly offended and think posting this article without some kind of disclaimer is irresponsible at best, reprehensible at worst.

There are young girls reading this who might feel they can’t finance their education without resorting to something like this. This is a terrible article that has no business here on CC. @CCadmin_Sorin , please consider putting a disclaimer at least in the original post.

The article talks about women AND men doing this to pay for college.

I guess I didn’t read the article as condoning it. Just stating what some people do. There are all sorts of things students do to pay their way through college that I would not want my kids to have to do. My cousin found a friend to marry so they would both be declared independent for FAFSA. They divorced after they were done with school.

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@Lindagaf , what kind of disclaimer?

I’m not disagreeing with your opinion of the practice, but the presentation of the article seems pretty innocuous to me.

And, as it claims to pertain to a significant number of college students, it seems to have a place somewhere on CC.

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If you’re a straight man, it’s not likely you’ll be going on Seeking Arrangement looking for sugar daddies. And a significant number of high schoolers are college bound and have no clue that SA is basically a means of soliciting sex for money.

Maybe it’s relevant to kids here, but at the very least, there should be a disclaimer stating that the opinion in the article is not that of CC.

So are sugar mommas looking for gay females?? I assumed they were looking for a “pool boy”.

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Guess I thought that all articles posted here are not necessarily the opinion of CC.

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But it’s possible you are looking for an arrangement with a “sugar momma”. The article talked about both.

I would think most college bound students who get into this type of arrangement are pretty clear what it involves.

I saw a TV show about this last year and if I remember correctly most of the students who got involved did so after hearing about the arrangements from a friend who was in one and then decided it was something they wanted to explore too.


Sounds like prostitution to me. Very degrading and not recommended. Also, students, don’t even think about “dancing” for dollars. None of this ends well.

Unfortunately this is true and pretty accurate. My daughter goes to Georgia State and the sugar baby thing is well known in campus. For the people who thinks it’s women only my daughter personally knows a young men that is driving a car his sugar mama paid for.

I don’t really think the information presented here is new if you look at the bottom line. It’s always been the case that some young people have earned money by selling their bodies in one form or another, whether through prostitution, stripping or being an escort. And that some of these young people are college students. Back when my spouse used to own a truck stop, we had to regularly call the cops to get rid of this kind of conduct. At first my spouse was shocked when some of these folks were young, good looking college students, (particularly as they were on their way down south for Spring Break) but after a while, you’ve seen it all.

Of course this company in the article has to say they aren’t arranging for sexual services, or else they’d run into legal issues. But let’s not whitewash this, or promote this as a good way to earn money. It’s selling yourself.

The other comment I want to make, which is purely nit-picky, is that the article tries to make a connection that the schools with the most students trying to use this service is southern state schools. Well, all of those schools have large enrollments. If you are trying to make any kind of a correlation, I think the more relevant question is what percent of the student body is trying to use this service.

I think the the MacKenzie Lueck case served as a warning re Seeking Arrangements. I suppose it didn’t make national news headlines as it was just one girl.

The title of this post is indeed attention-grabbing, but unsavory. Please change it, or at least put it in quotes and make it clear that it is verbatim from the associated Fox business article.

A male of 56 in my H’s company uses this site and has been supporting a 25 yr old female in law school for the past 2 years. I think it’s gross and ridiculous, but they are both consenting and getting exactly what they want. He pays for all of her schooling, food , housing and buys her some pretty nice expensive presents.

A few things popped up to me.

First, that the number of young students who were looking to be supported far outnumbered the potential sugar daddies and mommies. That usually isn’t the case: the number of people (especially men), who are looking to pay for sex as a business arrangement is usually much higher than the number of people who are looking to be paid. Most of the “madams” who have written “tell-all”, or who have been arrested have much longer lists of clients than they have of “employees”, especially at any given time.

Maybe it’s the economy…

Second was this: "Southern state schools top the list in 2018. Georgia State University, University of Central Florida and the University of Alabama claimed the top three spots on Seeking Arrangements Sugar University. "

I would have expected that it would have been most common in urban areas which have a much higher number of wealthy people, like NYC or LA, or at colleges with a higher percent of lower income students (though the wealth distribution among GSA students pretty much matches that of the rest of the country, Alabama has almost 60% from the top 20%, and only 1.6% bottom 20%, while UCF has 42% top 20%, and 7.3% bottom 20%).

As for the morality of this? I don’t see how it differs from marrying for money, except that it’s easier to end this arrangement.

I heard someone say: you don’t pay a prostitute for sex; you pay her/him to leave.