College suggestions?? narrowing the list

<p>Hello! I need some help getting ideas of what colleges to apply to this year!! </p>

<p>Some Stats:
Major/Career: premed, otherwise Undecided
Current Residence: Texas
GPA: 3.9
Rank: 7/800
SAT: 2250
Math: 740
Math II: 750
Chemistry: 770
ACT Composite: 34 </p>

Key Club: 4yrs, Historian
Red Cross: 4 yrs
NHS/Mu Alpha Theta: officer positions
HOSA:3 yrs, Historian
SNHS: President
Dance: freshman year</p>

<p>Summer stuff:
Volunteer at library: 40 hrs
Shadowing doctors
Job at office, working with computer screens</p>

World History-5
US History, English Language, Chemistry- scores unknown
Bio, Calc, Stats, English Lit, Psych- senior year</p>

<p>What I'm Looking For:
Cost: not really an issue
Housing: on campus
Location: Important, Somewhere WARM!!
I would love to stay in state, but that leaves me with UT, A&M, or Rice, so I'm not entirely against going out of state as long as it doesn't get too cold. </p>

<p>List of colleges I'm thinking of applying to:

<p>any suggestions ??</p>

<p>Would you consider a small liberal arts college? Davidson College (NC) is one of the top-ranking LACs and has an excellent record for med school placements.</p>

<p>The problem with Davidson is that it's religiously affiliated which is a deal breaker for me, but thanks!</p>

<p>How are Northwestern, Wash. U. in St. Louis, or the Claremont colleges??</p>

<p>those would be good choices</p>

<p>Northwestern couldn't be farther from warm. What about Stanford?</p>

<p>If you don't mind the cold then NW is a good choice...</p>

<p>How about schools in CA? Stanford? UCLA? UC Berkeley?</p>

<p>Also consider mid/low east coast (anything below PA is low to me haha) (UVA, W&M, Washington & Lee, Georgetown, American, Hopkins... as the list goes on it gets less warm.. :))</p>

<p>Could you tell us maybe more about the kind of personality you're looking for in your search? Keep in mind that pre-med isn't 'officially' a major at many schools, and just a track that you follow in addition to your major... but more on that when you're actually in college lol.</p>

<p>Since cost is not an issue, then go west young lady! :)</p>

<p>For pre-med or anything.....USC</p>

<p>You mention that cost isn't an issue....does that mean that your parents will also pay $200k+ for med school? </p>

<p>If not, then you might consider a bargain with your parents. You might ask them if they will help pay for med school IF you go to an undergrad school that will give you a good merit scholarship. For pre-med, you don't have to go to a top, top school. Any good school can prepare you for med school and with your stats, you could get some good merit scholarships at some schools.</p>