College Summer Problem!

<p>So after high school my parents moved to some other town across the state.</p>

<p>I've been back from college for about a month and I REALLY want to see my high school friends. My mom also wants me to get a job (which I understand) so I came up with the idea of staying with my friends for about 2 months and getting a job over there, but my mom FREAKED OUT and thinks it's completely unreasonable.</p>

<p>She said it was "abnormal" to stay in touch with my high school friends. But I have no friends at this side of the state. </p>

<p>Need some opinions on this: is it unreasonable or abnormal? </p>

<p>Any advise would be much appreciated, thank you!</p>

<p>This sounds so biased. I don't believe you that your mom simply thinks it's abnormal to stay in touch with high school friends. She has other reasons that you're not mentioning. </p>

<p>Is she worried that you won't pursue a job when you're there? Are your hs friends sketchy? How did you do in your first year of college/independent living? Is your old town much smaller--thereby limiting job opportunities?</p>

<p>Your post is so one-sided that it begs people to agree with you.</p>

<p>Ya your probably right. I'll explain a little more.</p>

<p>My mom says she wants me to have a good time staying at home and I think it makes her sad that I would want to leave. I have stayed there for a month though.</p>

<p>Also she thinks my friends are sketchy, mainly because I got senior-itis and was hanging around them more than paying attention in school (mainly last semester when I knew what school I was going to). </p>

<p>I've tried to convince her otherwise about my friends, but she sees them as sketchy. I did fine living on my own my first year so I thought she would be fine with it.</p>

<p>Hope that makes it a little more two-sided, sorry for the bias.</p>

<p>I see. If I were you, I would find a job near home, go visit friends for a few days at the old town, and then start the job. In that order.</p>

<p>Definitely a mixture of her not wanting to see you go (there's a decent chance that she only has a finite number of months before you leave her nest, so to speak) and her not wanting you to get into trouble with your friends. There's probably another factor at play that you're not thinking of.</p>

<p>I'd probably wait for her to calm down and then come up with a thorough Pros/Cons, along with ways you can negate the Cons. For instance, she's afraid you'll get into trouble...offer to call her up every night and tell her what you're up to. And so on..</p>

<p>I'll definitely let her calm down and think things through. Thanks for all the advice everyone!</p>