college summer programs for low income high school students

I’ve been noticing a lot of students attending summer programs at prestigious colleges. (I know that this post is very early since there is still a year until next summer) being a low income student it is not possible for my parents to pay the fees for those programs. Does anyone know of a summer college programs that offers great financial aid? (My parents make less than 30K per year) thank you.

Look at There are a LOT of free programs and some specifically for low-income students. Many are at prestigious schools. There are some that pay a stipend for summer research. I think a summer spent doing research with a strong letter of recommendation from a faculty member is a great opportunity.

If there is a particular school you want, look at the site for their summer programs. Many do offer scholarships. If you don’t see any mentioned, it doesn’t hurt to send an email now about the possibility of financial aid to attend next summer. It would help if you are a great student! If you would be the first in your family to attend college, make sure to mention that also.

I know someone who received a large scholarship to do a summer program at NYU but I think it is really a case to case basis so you really don’t know. I agree with the post above.