College Textbooks - The Best Way to Buy

<p>So any suggestions on getting textbooks? Is there any way I can figure out what books I'll need? I've only done a bit of searching for a syllabus.... Is the campus bookstore the best place to get them? And if I want to buy from someone for cheaper how might I find someone with the book? Also, I got a card from Off Campus Bookstore saying my card could be worth $5-$500 dollars. I have to go have my card scanned to find out. Does this bookstore have any official affiliation with UGA? And anyone know how their prices compare? Lots of questions yes, but I basically want to know what the best way to get textbooks.</p>

<p>Best way to get textbooks for cheap would probably be somewhere online (ebay or facebook marketplace). You can also ask around (your classmates) to see if they have books. I'm weary of buying books online because I don't know what kind of condition the books are in, and I can't take books with highlighting and underlining in it. Off Campus Bookstore is I think the Baxter bookstore (located right across from Russell). It's where I buy most of my books. They're cheaper than the on campus bookstore (they're not affiliated). UGA bookstore is doing a new 'rent a textbook' thing. I don't think we've ever had it, and I'm not in Athens yet to check out what that's about, but the price is a LOT cheaper. I'm sure the catch to that is that you can't sell it back (I mean, you have to return it, but you won't get money for it).</p>

<p>Thanks, I'll check it out when I get up there.</p>

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<p>Go on the UGA Bookstore website. There is a place you can search for what books you'll need. You have to put in the class number, or section number, something like that. As long as the professor has provided the bookstore with the info, you will be able to find out the exact book you need. You can save SO much money if you can buy them on-line. The UGA bookstore does not provide the ISBN numbers on the website. I've had luck by calling them and having a nice student give them to me. That way you can make sure you are getting the correct edition. Even without that, you can see a picture of the cover and buy used from Amazon. We did that for my daughter the past 4 years and have saved hundreds of dollars. We usually bought used off Amazon - have always had good luck. Usually takes 5 days or so to get the books. The UGA bookstore is a rip-off! Try as hard as you can to get the books elsewhere.</p>