college that fit for a fob

<p>I second trying colleges with huge, asian populations; you will be happiest there. I know someone in my college who shifted from China ~5 yrs ago, and hardly knew any english, and she had the most wonderful time once she joined a school with a lot of other people of chinese descent. Her english is still quite poor, but she was pretty happy. It need not necessarily be California; it could even be a state like Oregon!</p>

<p>What college is that</p>

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<p>Some UCs I know with a high Asian population: </p>

<p>UC Davis' Asian population is 42.2% (freshmen)/ 38.6% (transfer students) and 7.0% (freshmen)/ 17.2% (transfers).</p>

<p>UC Irvine definitely has a lot of Asians--I used to live in Irvine (never went to UCI though I have visited the campus a few times), so I know. The Fall</a> 2011 student report on their site says that Asians make up 49% (10,802) of the student population, and 6% (1,274) of the students are international. I used to joke with my fellow Asian classmates (and I'm Asian myself) that UCI stands for University of Chinese Immigrants. </p>

<p>UCLA - 2,014 (7.4%) international students, 9,941 (36.55%) Asians. I think they also have an Indonesian club on campus. </p>

<p>UC Berkeley/Cal - 10,118 (43%) Asian, 1,844 (7%) international students. </p>

<p>But anyway, you don't necessarily need to go to a college with a high Asian population. You can just find an Indonesian or Asian/Pacific Islander club and join that--many college campuses will have some kind of Asian Student Association on campus. I know UC Davis has the Asian-American Association and the Indonesian Student Association.</p>

<p>But im looking for college outside of cali. Hem. Its kinda hard for me</p>

<p>Hi guys good apernoob</p>

<p>Here some small town Universities with large International Student population:</p>

<p>University of Florida, LSU, Texas (allthough Austin is not too small not to big either??)</p>

<p>@large population of asians/internationals at LSU.....that's hilarious!</p>

<p>How about some schools in NY? there is a large asian population there. Same with most schools on the west coast + hawaii</p>

<p>There are lots of colleges with many Asian internationals. for anyone to help you though, you have to tell us how good your grades and test scores(or whatever you had in Indonesia) compare to other students. Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh Pennsylvania) has a high international population. It would be worth checking out.</p>

<p>Edit: I forgot you said you wanted a small town school, Pittsburgh's a pretty big city. I would advise you to check out University of Maryland College Park if you want a small town that revolves around the college and Swarthmore College if you want an average American small town.</p>

<p>University of Washington is most certainly the school with a high percentage of international students. Trust me. I'm from Seattle. I have friends going to U-dub, and there's LOTS of Asians. UC schools are famous, as well.</p>