College that specializes in kids with LDs that has very high rates of alumni giving

<p>My daughter's chief criterion in evaluating schools on her list is whether the students and graduates of the school love it (versus are indifferent or highly appreciative of the opportunities they have/had, etc.). Although she's picked the schools to which she's going to apply, I was researching schools that have high rates of giving as I think that is a good (although imperfect) proxy for whether the school's alumni feel that they got something valuable from their years at the school and also something about whether they have jobs that enable them to pay. Searching CC, I found a thread which lists the top 10. Lo and behold, tied at number 5 with Princeton (the highest by far for a university as opposed to an LAC or specialized school) is a college I'd never heard of called Beacon College in Leesburg, Florida. </p>

<p>According to Beacon's website, it is "the only accredited college offering BA and AA degrees exclusively for students with learning disabilities, ADHD, or gifted LD." Have people on this site been tracking Beacon? </p>

<p>I don't see many mentions of it, but the fact that 60% of alumni give suggests that they feel grateful to have gone there and have jobs that enable them to contribute. It also probably suggests that the kids they accept make it through rather than drop out. Does anyone know someone who attends or has attended Beacon?</p>