College turnaround from 1.8 + failed out to 3.9 at CC and as a visiting student - where to apply?

Hi all,

My first run at a regional state university didn’t go too well - I got academically dismissed after 40 credit hours with a 1.793 GPA due to general partying and immaturity. I took a year off, realized what kind of man I want to become, and then enrolled back at Montgomery College (“highly” regarded CC). I split classes between the CC and as a visiting student at a local somewhat prestigious national university where I took major (poli-sci) related classes. I did well at both and averaged a 3.9 between the two for two semesters over 31 credit hours. I am also a member of PTK and participated in an academic club. My UG cumulative GPA is about 2.7 now. I had a 32 ACT score in high school. I’m 21, about to be 22 years old.

My question is, where should I apply? I want to go to a small school / LAC somewhere in the Northeast but am not sure if I have a chance at more selective schools or if my grades from my first college will hold me back. My intended major is Political Science but I have no problem applying as an undecided student. The school I was a visiting student at is a good option but a bit too large for my taste. I don’t really care about anything but the quality of the education. Obviously a good reputation would be nice too but for me it is about the academics. I also am an avid skier so nearby slopes are a plus. I am blessed in that money is not a barrier at all, I can pay full price. Alternatively, should I continue to take courses at the CC to continue to boost my GPA for a 3rd semester?

I know I messed up big-time in my first couple years of college, but life only moves in one direction! Thanks in advance for the answers.

Have you asked the Transfer Advisor at your MC campus about that? The ones I met when Happykid was a student there were really savvy. Here’s the page for you to start at.

While you chat with that person, find out their thoughts on completing your AA or AS degree. Often that can make a difference in the transfer process.

Wishing you all the best!

Check out Endicott College in MA. The campus is really beautiful and the location is great. I checked and they do have a policial science program.

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Thank you! Great advice :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the answers!!

Is this the Montgomery community college you’re talking about ?

They have a list of schools that they have a transfer agreement with. The best schools on that list, from what I can see, are Villanova, Temple, Lehigh, and Drexel. I think those would probably work out for you. But no decent skiing at all near any of them.

If skiing is important to you, consider the U of Utah. Flagship state U, and very close (<40 minutes) to 7 incredible ski areas, with the best dry light powder in the world. Utah is conservative Mormon, but Salt Lake City is becoming more and more liberal by the day, is probably less than half Mormon now, is booming like Portland and Seattle did. It’s a really neat place to be young and athletic.

The fact is, as a full pay student, there are a myriad of second to third tier LACs that would probably be very happy to have you. You’re a little older now, you’ve demonstrated that you are now serious about school. And most importantly, you don’t need financial aid. That will open up a lot of doors for you.

When considering proximity to decent skiing, Bennington is in VT, has a good reputation, and they’d probably be happy to have you. Middlebury would be great. I doubt they would accept you, but it’s worth a shot. Union and Skidmore are both in eastern upstate NY, about a two hour drive from decent skiing - they’d be reaches, but possible.

I really don’t think that you have a shot at the three highly competitive LACs in Maine, and the rest of the LACs in eastern upstate NY or MA are either very unlikely to take you, or not very selective. I’m assuming you’re male - because if you’re female, there are some women’s colleges that would be options, in western Mass.

If what you want is a degree, with the opportunity of getting involved in state and city politics, and amazing skiing, U of Utah. The moderately selective (30-60% acceptance rates) small LACs in New England are in isolated areas, some near skiing.

hey thanks so much for the thoughtful and helpful reply! I actually just got into an amazing program at a decently selective smallish private college, just like you advised. I do think that being full-pay def helped. Sadly, its not near skiing, which hurts my soul, but education is more important and the academics of this school are just too good to pass up. Trust me, I really wanted to apply to Middlebury but I think I’m not even in the right ballpark honestly.

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Congratulations! I thought that proximity to skiing was a deal breaker for you. Keep your eye on the NACAC list that comes out in very early May, for the schools that still have spots open. Some decent LACs will wind up on there, having some openings.