<p>just wondering- what's the difference between the two? i see harvard sometimes referred to harvard c and sometimes harvard u.. and some schools call themselves colleges some use university..</p>

<p>Generally speaking:</p>

<p>A "college" has one business: teaching undergraduate students</p>

<p>A "university" has several businesses: teaching undergrads, teaching graduate students, teaching medical schools students, teaching law school students, doing paid research for governments. These businesses are often unrelated, such as a large corporation that owns many different types of businesses. </p>

<p>Harvard University, like many universities, refers to their undergraduate business unit as "Harvard College".</p>

<p>Universities have PhD programs colleges do not.</p>

<p>In Canada a college refers to what in the US is called a community college/two year technical college. A university is a 4 year institution ;)</p>