College vine admissions calculator?

Why do we have a college vine admissions calculator link at the top of our screen?



Adding…that calculator thing is next to the heart (never did figure out what that was for, but I thought it was going to be moved).

Please, can you not clutter up the top of this screen with more “stuff”.


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Marketing revenue.

You mean…like an ad except it is part of the forum? :rage:

I don’t like it, not only the marketing, but the fact that their admissions calculator is inaccurate, until proven otherwise. How are they ensuring that students are giving accurate gpa, course, and test info? How large is the database, by school? How can they calculate admissions chances without seeing essays and LoRs? Inquiring minds want to know, and that is just the basic info they should have to provide for prime real estate.

You know…the least they could do is put this thing and the little heart next to it (god knows what that is for) someplace else. Or give me the option to permanently delete it.

I agree with you…I didn’t delve too deeply once I saw it was from College Vine. Is CC somehow now affiliated with College Vine! Inquiring minds want to know.

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I think the presence of the calculator on the site calls into question the quality of advice dispensed. Messaging from CC to longtime posters has been that the advice and interaction is valuable. The placement of a “predictor” whose validity is called into question by those same longtime posters seems at odds with the advice and guidance. There is already an issue with students who think they are uberqualified for highly selective schools and they will have their (incorrect, IMO) opinion reinforced. Some already don’t listen! Why are we here again?

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I’m not calling the calculator into question…I didn’t really delve into it.

But I hope we hear why this is now being included in a very prominent spot when we log in…and perhaps get some more information about how this can actually be used.

Using D20’s old account and stats, but changing her graduation date to 2022, it is classifying a school with an acceptance rate of below 20% as a target.


As you might have noticed, at CC we’ve been experimenting with several ways of driving modest revenue through partnerships, direct ad sales, giveaways, etc.

Although CC has been owned by a national non-profit for a while now, we do have a mandate to be self-sustaining. No one is getting rich off of CC – our small team is trying their best to keep it free and provide the best place for real discussions around college admissions.

The Admissions Calculator button location is temporary – you should see it move to a new location as we figure out the best strategy. We have no problem directing people to other popular internet tools - CV’s calculator (whatever your opinion) can provide some insight. Additionally, anyone can compare their algorithmic chance me against the feedback one gets from real people on CC.

You’ll see more of these non-ad types of partnerships as we slowly wean CC off of a purely ad-driven revenue model. We’ll do it while preserving the integrity of our site and users.


@CCAdminMike thank you for the explanation…and it makes sense.

You had mentioned a while ago in a response that the little heart would also be explained…and moved.

I’m all for anything that will sustain the site, and help students and families with the college process.

I’m working with @CCEditorJoy on a page that explains the heart and the “Creating a College List” process. Promise to have it out soon!

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Thanks for the explanation. Regardless of what you put in the header for how long, always keep the log in/out section at the top and farthest right rather than buried amongst other options.

I agree - we’ll move it.

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I logged on today, spent a half hour or so without the admissions calculator at the top. I went back to my user profile icon to see what other alerts popped up and suddenly the calculator appeared and won’t go away.

Is there a rhyme or reason to why and when the calculator appears?

When is this going to be moved…that and the little heart. Weren’t both going to be moved to less intrusive spots?

I haven’t seen it in a while.

Here is a screen shot of what I see. The calculator is still upper right on my iPad. The green banner with the calculator is gone. Please move the calculator and the little heart to less intrusive places @CCAdminMike

The calculator and the little heart are gone.

Thank you! @CCAdminMike

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