College Visit- Emailing a Professor?

I am planning to visit my dream school (I will not name it) next Monday,
and I am going to attend 2 classes there.
Has anyone experienced this before and know how it works?
Should I e-mail the professors of those classes beforehand and
introduce myself and stuff (and if yes, how? what should I say?)
I am an international student, and none of my family really knows
what I should do before college visit to experience most out of it.
Of course I did some searches, but I could not really find info about how to email the professor before college visit.

So please help if anyone knows what is best!
Thank you all so much.

If you have already been given permission, you do not need to do anything in advance. You should make sure you arrive early. Briefly introduce yourself to the professor beforehand and let them know that you are visiting the school and intend to apply (if that’s true!). Do not leave before the class is over. You should observe but not participate unless invited It’s okay to thank them afterwards, and if it’s a particular area of interest, you can e-mail or send a note.

Others may give you different advice, but this is what we were told and what DS did. You have to keep in mind that the a number of people may be visiting classes over the course of the year, and it is a courtesy that you can attend. You want to reflect your gratitude but make no more work for the prof.

@gardenstategal Thank you! This is my first college visit, and I am extremely nervous :frowning:
Should I wait outside the classroom until the professor comes and introduce myself?

You could do that or wait near the their desk/podium. That way, you can ask if there’s somewhere they prefer that you sit.