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I am a junior (1 week left) who has Northwestern as their dream school. Many factors affected this choice, and location was a key one. I live in Michigan and my family goes to Chicago often, to meet friends/family, for academic competitions, or to pick up relatives from India. All in all, I have decided on it. I have not really ‘‘explored’’ much about colleges (no summer programs, no college visits yet). My family are going near Northwestern in July to meet relatives, and I want to club a college visit with that trip. The issue is- Northwestern’s website said that it suspended official visits due to COVID-19. I checked UChicago for the heck of it and found an even harsher response- closed for the entire summer. Maybe this is some Illinois requirement? Many other schools have emailed or snail-mailed me saying that I can visit. Anyone know what I can do? Thanks!

Check back with admissions every few days. We just moved to reopening stage 5 today and I’d expect NU to start doing official tours soon.

Ok, thanks!

We wandered around UChicago just about 2 months ago. In-person tours may not be available, but the campus is open and you can definitely walk through.

Will be visiting in a week or so with our D22. Any recommendations for a lunch spot on/near campus?

I’m not entirely sure what’s open to visitors and what isn’t on campus. If Lisa’s Cafe is open on campus, they have some nice, healthy, to go options.

If you want a decent sit down lunch, downtown Evanston is an easy walk from campus and honestly that’s what I would recommend. Farmhouse and Next of Kin both have great outdoor dining spaces (Farmhouse is closer to campus but if you don’t mind walking two more blocks, Next of Kin is a bit nicer).

NU is now doing official visits. Outdoors only.

I can’t find a link to these tours. Suggestions?

My SIL said she was able to sign up for a tour this morning. They are coming out at the end of next month. I would suggest calling the admissions office.

I also saw a group of athletes on a tour two days ago and the libraries are starting to re-open without appointments.

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I do not see it on the website. Should I call the admissions office?

Found the link:

"This 75-minute, fully outdoor tour will give you a broad understanding of what Northwestern has to offer both inside and outside of the classroom. While we are not yet offering a traditional information session option, our tours have been modified to include information normally covered during an indoor session.

Note: Registration is currently required for guided campus tours. To register for a campus tour, click on the button below."

Plan Your Campus Visit: Undergraduate Admissions - Northwestern University

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