College visits & liberal arts colleges that have students on campus this summer

Due to COVID-19, Oberlin College adjusted its academic calendar and a large number of students are on campus this summer. This seems appealing for a summer college visit for my daughter. Do others know of other liberal arts colleges in particular that are having more of a traditional student experience on campus this summer, compared to usual, for us to weigh in planning other summer visits? Thanks –

Brown! All current freshmen/rising sophomores are on campus until the end of July

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Any word on when Brown will start doing campus tours?

Nope! Why would Brown ever tell us anything? But if you’re visiting before July 30, PM me and maybe I can show you around.

Thanks! Right now we are planning September 11-13.

Wesleyan has been conducting tours.

Vassar is doing tours this summer, but there are not a lot of students on campus.