College wants SAT scores electronically...

<p>But when I sent my SAT scores to them, the order form said that the school preferred them to be sent by mail. There was no way for me to change it to electronic. </p>

<p>Will this matter for my application? The college clearly states on their site that scores should be sent electronically. I'm assuming that all applicants sending SAT scores would have to send them by mail because of this though, right? I'm worried that this will hurt my chances.</p>

<p>You have no issue. College Board sends scores via method the school has chosen to receive them and if yours states electronic, that will be the method used. (CB's preferred method is electronic and they actually charge the college more per score if the school chooses via mail.)The form you saw may have just been carrying old information .</p>

<p>You should call your school, but otherwise just send it normally</p>