College Workload (Computer Science Major) with OCD

I’ve heard a lot about how the workload in college is generally 45 hours per week, and I think I could probably deal with that. But because of my OCD, I have to rewrite all notes that I take in lectures (takes 2 hours per day), and taking notes from the textbook is a meticulous and time consuming process (generally about 3 hours per 10 pages). I’m looking to major in Computer Science…does anyone know how much textbook reading is involved in that? What’s the workload like? If anyone has OCD that effects them in a similar way, I’d love to know how you dealt with it and how much time you spent on work per day/week.

And yes, I am seeing a therapist and I’m currently on medication, but my treatment has only been ongoing about 6 months and it’s literally had absolutely no impact thus far.

Perfect is the enemy of done.

Talk to your doctor about the medication having no effect…by now I would think it should a have.

Start your freshman year with a low load…don’t work and don’t do many extracurriculars at first.

Think about where you will be living and how a roommate would work into the equation.

Talk to the Disabilities center at the college and see what accommodations might be possible.

Most of the CS courses I’ve taken so far, you don’t actually have to read the textbook.

I have yet to use a textbook in any of my CS classes for more than an hour in the whole semester. CS is mostly problem sets and projects - that 45 hours per week seems like a bit too much to me as well. I would say it’s your class hours + 5 hours per week per class (on average). It comes in waves so that 5 hours may all be in the course of a day or two, and then you’d have nothing but class for another 5. I don’t have OCD, but if I had to guess, CS probably works with it pretty well.

Go to DSS at your college. If you use their services, they will already have professors’ notes and will have other accommodations for you but you have to have your documentation of your OCD diagnosis.