I am in high school and I want to know which option would look better when I am applying to colleges this year,dual enrollment to or early admission to a community college?I have finished all of my credits needed to graduate in high school and more.

What do you mean by Early Admission to a CC? You mean attend CC now? Then you’d miss all opportunities for merit aid for incoming freshmen. And please post a more meaningful title for your threads. This one may not get much feedback with this title.

I’m sorry,I just got onto this website.I am going to be a senior in high school,but during this summer I was doing dual enrollment at a community college,and for senior year they recommended me going into early admission to the same community college.I would be getting all the classes for free,but I don’t know if universities,in general,would like to see me going to both high school and the community college,or just the community college.

Early admission would mean me not going to senior year of high school and being full time in college.Dual enrollment would mean me going to high school and the community college.

What are your GPA and test scores? What can your family afford for college? If you have high stats and are a competitive student it would make more sense to stay in Dual Enrollment and keep you HS status so you can apply to schools that give good aid to freshmen. If you intend to go to CC anyway then both options are good.

My gpa and test scores are not exactly where I want them to be at the moment,but I am waiting on a couple more classes that I have been doing to go in,which would definitely bring it up.I’m almost to the top 10% of my class,but I want to know which one colleges would like to see on my resumes more.Since I would be doing around 9 classes at the community college during the fall and winter combined,I would be a freshman in college when I finish my classes at the community college,just taking different classes than everyone else since I’ve completed most.