Collegeboard makes you gamble

So basically you have two choices. Either
a) you send all your SAT scores for free upto 4 colleges but you can’t view the most recent one you took. You gotta send them before the latest score comes out.
b) you view your latest score and send the scores to each college for $11.25. That’s $45 for 4 colleges.

You don’t even know if you got a good score on the latest SAT but you still have to send it if you want to save $45.
I’m just done with Collegeboard. Their policy is absurd.
Sorry if this post goes against the collegeconfidential rule.

Yup, score choice has made a lot of money for them. You haven’t even gotten to CSS profile fees. But you are pretty much stuck.

Right, I forgot they had control over that too. In order to get financial aid they charge you a bunch. How ironic.

Treat it like a force of nature

Lol ohhh Collegeboard…what a hypocrite

Yup, whenever I suggest that it’s time for some PSAT/SAT prep, I have to listen to a diatribe about how the College Board is evil and does not deserve its non-profit status. I’m not arguing, but DS does not seem to internalize the “necessary evil” concept.