collegeboard website question

<p>here is my situation. i took the November SAT II. I signed up for Korean and biology but i ended up just taking biology on the day because i just didn't want to take Korean. (I asked my proctor and this is totally allowed)
and now i was looking at the My Organizer section on the website and i realized that it doesn't say the thing that it usually says... like Check back for scores on Nov.blahblahblah.... is this the same for everyone? or is it just me?i know for sure that they got my test cuz on the page with all my scores they changed my ticket for november. it now looks like i had signed up for only biology. but den it says its registered. shouldn't it say that the test was completed?? im so confused. can someone clear this up for me?</p>

<p>Your CB Organizer is the same as everyone else's. It's going to say registered until they actually post your scores. </p>

<p>You're fine. No need for panic.</p>