Colleges abroad that dont require foreign languages during high school

I already know the importance of taking a foreign language, my counselor greatly stressed me to keep taking french but if Ive only done one year of the lanugage what would the university pool look like in europe? No specific countries, just in general. I am bilinugal but there’s no test here that proves it in Slovak. And where there are tests, theyre super expensive.

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International colleges rarely require a foreign language- unless you are applying to language courses (eg, If you want to “major” in French). In general they want evidence that you are prepared to study your major- so if you want to apply to study (say) Biology, you will want to APs in Bio, Calc & Chem.

Of course, if you are not going to a uni in a country where the first language is English, you will want to consider if your language skills are up to living in the language (even if your course is taught in English, other parts of life won’t be).

FWIW, Slovakian Colleges are very inexpensive- free if you are an EU citizen / €2-5Kpa if not.


Thank you :hugs:

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