Colleges and Universities like Pitzer College

Even though I have applied to about 9 colleges already, I’m beginning to feel like some of them aren’t as good of a fit as I thought. Since I want to have options that I actully like, I was wondering if any of you could suggest some test-optional colleges that carried a similar social justice/laid back vibe as Pitzer.

Bard, Wesleyan, Bennington, Sarah Lawrence, Goucher? @ItaliaM

Pitzer turned out to be our daughter’s second choice. Her top was Knox in Illinois (the only negative compared to Pitzer). She also applied and was admitted to: Beloit, Bard, and Hampshire. After attending Pitzer admitted student day she found out that her two main areas of interest (ceramics and fiction creative writing) would mean she would be taking classes at Scripps and Pomona, not Pitzer. That made no sense to her so she walked away from Pitzer. As far as similar types of kids, all five are very similar, not identical, but very similar. Her opinion was the Hampshire and Beloit were too “hipster,” and Bard a bit too “elitist.” She loved the Pitzer kids and the Knox kids. These are all test optional schools. Good luck!

I recommend you check out this recent thread:

@amtc That’s interesting. I always felt like Hampshire was a bit hipster-ish, but I never really got that from Beloit(I’m OOS and have yet to actually visit) so I’ll keep that in mind. As for Knox, I have no idea how it slipped under my radar. I remember really loving the promo videos. Is your daughter going there now? Do you know if there are any afditionao clubs not listed on their website? That was my main concern after looking at the website and realizing that there weren’t as many clubs offered that seem to interest me.

@rayrick Thanks for the link. I was actually looking for this.

laliaM, yes, my daughter is currently a student at Knox and it’s been an amazing experience in so many ways. I can’t really answer whether there are additional clubs not listed on their websites but I do know that it is not difficult to start a club at Knox if that helps.

I agree with all the suggestions above. More options: Earlham, Lewis and Clark, University of Puget Sound, Bennington