Colleges for a nature, snow and cold loving introvert

Hi, I’m currently an international junior looking for good US colleges to apply to. Would love it if you could help me out with what you guys know about US colleges. What are some top 50 colleges/LACs that would suit me? (Top 50 because only those offer full financial aid to internationals) I love the green and hilly regions and love the cold too. Campus must be beautiful, and by beautiful I mean that ancient-vibe that emanates from WUSTL or Yale’s campus. Old architecture. No particular attraction to hot weather. No feelings about Greek life either, as I’m a really introverted guy who has some strong close friends but That’s about it. Prefer to be among some like minded people. Campus food or food places must be good too. No athletic preference either but really love college spirit. Prestige doesnt matter, so if you guys know some other college that gives full scholarship or aid to Internationals, do let me know.
P.s. assume I have a decent chance at any US college, for the sake of this thread

Only a handful of top 50 colleges offer anything approaching full financial aid for internationals.

Given the list of your demands you will likely be attending college in your home country.

Bowdoin. Bates. Middlebury. Hamilton Colgate Hobart Vassar is a start

@TomSrOfBoston what?! I study at an international school and it sends students to at least 40 different US colleges every year on full aid or some with full scholarship, excluding the ivies. Lehigh, Davidson, Richmond, Connecticut and Dickinson just to name a few. actually the list of such colleges is so varying and long, that’s why I created this thread, having no idea where to apply.

Dartmouth meets your location criteria. Not sure about international aid.

For international applicants, only a handful of top 50 colleges claim to be need-blind in admission and also meet 100% of demonstrated financial need.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean more of them won’t offer generous need-based aid if they admit you. When a school’s Common Data Set shows “100%” in section H2(i), I’d like to assume that percentage applies to all enrolled students, including internationals. The average FA packages for admitted international students who receive them do seem to be quite high for many T50 private colleges.

You might want to check out some of the following schools:
Colorado College

In terms of campus aesthetics that might appeal to you, you could flip through some sites:

St. Lawrence in Canton, NY is a perfect fit. :slight_smile: Its silly and meaningless US News ranking is #58, however. :frowning:

If your high school routinely sends students to the US, then the college placement team there is likely to be much better help to you than we can be. Start with their advice.

How much can you afford per year? Major? Stats?

Michigan Tech! I don’t know about the aid, but if you like nature, cold, and snow (300 inches plus/year). It is in the most beautiful part of the United States, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. For engineering/STEM it will be top 50. It is a public school, so full aid might be there. It isn’t the Yale/Harvard/WashU/Uchicago gothic, but the natural beauty is awesome!!!

Michigan tech is colder than Alaska

Not so. Lake Superior really moderates the temperature. It has more snow than Alaska, but not really colder. I lived i in Marquette for 8 years and a typical winter day was low in the single digits at night, high between 20-30 during the day and 6-8 inches of lake effect snow while the sun is shining. I can think of no better place for a nature, snow, and cold loving introvert then Michigan Tech! The only thing it doesn’t have that he wanted for sure is the ancient architecture, it is much more brutalist in nature. Not ugly, just not the style he mentioned.

I’m only going off my partner at work who is sitting across from me right now. Mtech grad and he describes it as breathtakingly cold. He wouldn’t give up his time there for anything though

Swarthmore and Haverford should be added to @tk21769’s excellent list above. Swat in particular has a gorgeous campus. Both schools meet the full financial need of all admitted students, internationals included.

U of Rochester

It is my understanding that Vassar will cover the financial need of every admitted student. I’ve just enrolled with a full scholarship.

My son is getting his master’s at Michigan Tech and goes skiing every weekend. He thinks it’s pretty darn cold, it’s the end of April and there’s still snow on the ground. Lake Superior is AMAZING!

Amherst is need blind for Internationals, but very few colleges are.
College of the Holy Cross checks most of the boxes on your list. Beautiful campus and architecture, good food, snow, lots of spirit and community feel, excellent academics.

As Hapworth said, take a look at St. Lawrence, great school, wonderful nature, gets cold, and everybody REALLY loves the hockey team!