Colleges for Arabic Majors

I'm a sophomore in college, starting my second year of community college, and I've decided to pursue my Arabic studies as a major (instead of a minor, as I had previously planned). I know Georgetown would be a great place for Arabic majors, but I doubt I could get accepted there on a scholarship. Please let me know if you have any expertise about any good Arabic programs at other universities.</p>


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<p>University of Maryland.</p>

<p>Some to check out:
Arizona, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio State, Texas, UCLA, Berkeley, Utah, Washington</p>

<p>Also see: The</a> Language Flagship - Arabic</p>

<p>Also Michigan State.</p>

<p>Can you afford all those schools? Most (or all) will be OOS.</p>

<p>The Arabic Flagship programs include a reasonable amount of funding, some at your home campus and some for study abroad.</p>