Colleges for First Generation College Students ???

Does anyone know any good/great/top-tier colleges that really consider first generation college students(students who’s parents didn’t go to college).?? Im having a hard time finding anything.

I’m pretty sure all the top tier schools consider first generation college students as a bonus. It’s difficult to gauge how much though.
What do you mean by “Really” consider?

All the top ones give special consideration to 1st gen students.

I’d be much more concerned with seeking out schools that are good fits academically, socially, financially than I would be about trying to find schools where being first generation might give you an advantage. IMO being first generation will never get you into a school you are not otherwise qualified for – at best it might give you a slight edge over similarly qualified candidates.

Well what I’m looking for are schools that actually show statistics with high percentages in first gen students.
For example, l looked at UNC Chapel Hill’s student profile and 32% of their students are first gen according to this link

I just think that any school with this high percentage of first gen students would strongly consider me(I’m 1st gen) despite my low 1680 SAT score

I just want to know this percentage for more schools. A “Top schools with a strong preference for 1st gen students” list would be nice but I can’t find that anywhere.

I would have thought it was hard to find colleges that didn’t consider that factor.

I think being first generation might be a tip at a school where your stats are competitive, but I wouldn’t count on it getting you into schools where your scores are on the low end of their SAT range. Apply to a range of schools, but make sure you have some safeties on your list.

I agree with @austinmshauri your first gen is a tip but your scores won’t get you to the point that helps.

Look at the CDS of each school you are interested in. It is under C7.

I can’t imagine that being first generation will make up for being 200-300 points below UNC’s average. If you want to throw in one mega-reach to UNC that is fine, but I strongly suggest you focus your time and energy on finding schools that are matches (academically, financially etc.).

If you look at the common data set for UNC it has first generation as a factor which is “considered” but it is not "very important’ or even “important”. On the other hand standardized test scores, course rigor, GPA are all listed as “very important” factors to admissions.

Reread the link - The percentage is 18%. The 32% figure is for transfer students, numbering far fewer than first year students.