Colleges for Musical Theater Major - Part 30

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<p>probably should have posted here... and not made my own thread. still a little confused about how this works! check out my post under the title "B.A. vs B.F.A. theater major predicament"- also note i wasn't sure if the post was actually going to work so parts of it aren't so coherent! thanks for ANY help you can give me.</p>

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There's a little quiz on the FAQ entitled "BA vs. BFA" put together by Doctorjohn that might help you with your question. BTW, a BFA doesn't stop you from possibly being able to pursue something else on the graduate level. Also, if you look back on posts about Tisch from Alwaysamom, you'll see that a lot of BFA students apparently double major in other things there.</p>

If you're having trouble logging in, the powers that be probably changed your password. Request a reminder and they'll email the new one right to you after which you can change it. I thought I'd been banned for some reason for a minute! :eek:</p>

Wow! Thank you so much for taking the time to write that thoughtful and oh so helpful response to my post. It's good to hear that the B.F.A. programs don't necessarily limit you as much as I thought they did. I will definitely continue to research the B.F.A's at NYU and UMich- they both sound fantastic- (and again, my summer experience at CAP 21 was to die for- the city is an amazing place, and the teachers are all wonderful, renowned people) along with the liberal arts B.A. degrees. I do have more than a year left, but I'm college obsessed!! Wish I was graduating early like your D... but my parents wont hear of it. Thanks again for your advice. And I'll definitely say hi to Sky for you. Stagedoor- '03 Smile- Maria Gonzalez w/ Sam B who I'm sure your daughter knows... '04- looong story! involving the Mikado... and me not liking Gilbert and Sullivan too much... hehe.</p>

I took the quiz by DrJohn... and unfortunately my results confirmed my confusion... I got an equal green and blue number... oy. Thanks for your response!</p>

<p>Dani, you are welcome. I think it is good that at this juncture, you are exploring both the BA options and the BFA options and it would not be far fetched to apply to some of both next fall as you have a year to make up your mind where to attend. I know that both Brown and Yale (from my own visits there with my now 18 year old) have a LOT of theater going on for nonmajors and that may appeal to you. So does Tufts and they offer a BA in theater as well, which may allow you to double major but have lots of theater stuff to do outside of academics too. As you already experienced a taste of CAP21, you can evaluate if that sort of experience is for you and in fact, if you were in CAP21 during the school year, you also would be getting some academics. Talk to kids in the program there to feel out the academic aspect. It may be a good option for you. </p>

<p>By the way, graduating early was ALL my daughter's desires and she is very strong willed when she wants something and is very driven. So, we went along with it, and I can totally see her reasons and most are very valid. It was nothing I was looking for her to do but I can see the merits in her choice and we supported her choice. </p>

<p>So, this was your second year there. Yes, Sam is a close friend of my daughter's and was her roomie in 2003. Sam stayed on for third and that is when you were in a show with her. Obviously you saw Sam in Nine (I thought she did a great job) and must know that she is now at Tisch for acting and likes it a lot. Sorry if Mikado was a disappointment for you. It is unusual for a SDM show, do not think I have seen it there before. The photos look great visually though! Will you be returning next summer? My daughter is going to go for first session. Tell Skylar to come back! </p>

<p>Take care and much luck with your college process. You are on the right track at this point in your junior year and I can see you are carefully considering the options, besides the fact that you have done and I am sure will continue to excel in school. </p>


<p>Susan has given you excellent advice and I just wanted to add my support for her comments on BFA programs which also give you the opportunity to get the academic education you want and need as well. I'm not sure why your Cornell friend would have told you that. Perhaps he didn't feel that you'd fit in at Tisch? Did he explain himself? One thing to keep in mind is that the CAP21 program which runs in the summer is not the same experience as being a CAP21 Tisch student. The Cappies are certainly a very talented bunch of kids, and most of them have a LOT Of experience prior to their arriving at Tisch. Maybe that's what your friend was indicating. If your strength is acting, but you're insecure about your singing and you 'can pull off a dance move or two', then perhaps you'd be better served to apply to a non-MT studio. Six of the seven main acting studios at Tisch are non-MT.</p>

<p>At NYU, you certainly do not have to limit yourself. The great thing about Tisch is that you get wonderful conservatory training and you can also get the benefit of an NYU academic degree. Many Tisch kids double major, my D is doing that now. She is being academically as well as artistically 'stimulated', I can assure you. Just to give you some background, my D attended an arts h/s but she was fortunate in that it was one which provided an excellent academic education as well. If you didn't perform academically, you were asked to leave. She was a 3.9 u/w gpa student, top of her class, with SATs 1500+ and SATIIs of 780,780,790. Applicants to Tisch have to pass the same academic review of their apps as any other NYU applicant. Admission is equally weighted between academics and artistic review/audition. If you're a strong student, I would imagine that you'd be satisfied with what NYU offers to its BFA students. From what I understand, UMichigan is just as satisfying academically. Good luck in your journey! :)</p>


<p>My daughter is a junior and is very interested in attending the cap 21 program this summer (she presently is in her 5th year at an arts school). My question is, since she will only be 16 and a 9/05 senior she will not be elibible for the housing offered. Do you know of any one who attended last summer with similar circumstances. Do they rent an apartment - what is the security like - and it sounds like you really enjoyed it. Do you think it was worth the 6 weeks?</p>

<p>Lexismom - new member</p>

<p>Lexismom, is your daughter interested in the Tisch CAP21 summer program or the one that is run by CAP21 itself? Unless something has changed, all students at the Tisch program MUST live in a dorm, age has nothing to do with it. They are very strictly supervised and are allowed no visitors. The CAP21 program itself has never provided housing for its summer program so I'm not sure that you have a problem, either way. :) I'll leave dani to detail how she liked the program.</p>

<p>alwaysamom--thanks for answering my question on the other thread and pointing me in this direction. Schools applied to:

<p>I am still looking.</p>

<p>always a mom</p>

<p>thanks for your quick reply. She is interested in the cap 21 sponsored program. Some kids from her school have attended in the past and I guess you have to be 17 to stay in the dorm. I am looking for other alternatives.</p>

<p>Lexismom, I understand now. While the CAP21 program does not supply housing for its summer program, apparently the kids sometimes arrange to stay in NYU dorms but you're right, unless they're in the Tisch program, they have to be at least 17 years old. I can understand this because the Tisch kids are very well supervised but if they're not in that program, NYU doesn't want to be responsible for the security of a 16 year old, I guess. I'm afraid I don't have any other suggestions for you. Renting an apartment for that short a time is almost impossible, and even if you could, the price would be exorbitant if you wanted one in a safe and relatively nice building. Perhaps someone else here has had this experience and can offer some suggestions.</p>

<p>I was so worried that our thread was gone - - and I will hope all the usual folks will find their way back here. It's kept me "sane" while helping my D with her applications. There are a couple of schools that haven't been addressed too much. Can anyone provide more information on the MT programs at Miama (both theatre and music departments), Florida State, and University of Oklahoma.</p>

<p>If any one has any info on my above post, I would be greatly appreciative.
Also, What is the difference between the two summer programs. Is one better than the other?</p>


<p>Hello. It's been a while since I posted. I just wanted to share info from our visit yesterday to Syracuse and Ithaca. My daughter is a junior, so we are out there trying to just get a bit ahead on the process. Since we live in suburban NYC area, the trip was not too bad. I had called and made arrangements in advance, and things worked out quite well. </p>

<p>We liked very much both schools. It was an official visiting day at both places, but both schools still tried to accommodate us since we did not want to do the full tour thing of the colleges. </p>

<p>We had an appointment with the Ithaca people in the theater department, and they were very very nice. They spent a good hour with us, talking to us, answering questions, touring us around the theater building. We then went over to the music school, which is of course somewhat affiliated with theater, where he got to hear an outstanding choir. The good news/bad news is that a musical theater major would be so busy that she probably would have little or no time to be part of a choir. </p>

<p>At Syracuse (by coincidence where I graduated, but not MT), we went directly to the music school, where they sent us over to the theater school, where the dean was doing an informal session with MT and acting wannabees (and parents). This was most informative. The dean encouraged people (srs., not us therefore) to do fall auditions when possible, even if the application was not yet in. Clearly, they are trying to spread things out somewhat. </p>

<p>Comparing the two schools: Ithaca's facilities seem newer and located on campus; SU's are located a few blocks down the road but next to an equity theather. The students get opportunities to interact with the actors in the equity theater, sometimes even get into the show. </p>

<p>Neither school has a cut policy. Ithaca allows applicants to only apply MT or Acting; SU allows you to c heck both on the application. Ithaca does not have a dance audition, but encourages a person with dancing skills to show this off in the audition. SU has separate dance auditions. SU seemed very open on what material went into monologues, said a person could invent it even, except, please no Shakespeare. </p>

<p>In the case of both schools, the applicant must be approved by both the MT department and the general admissions office. But academic requirements are modest -- about 1100 SATs. Clearly, the audition is the thing. </p>

<p>As far as academics at the school, each seems to require about 1 course per semester. </p>

<p>The dean at Syraucse made some great comments about the skills a theater person gains that help in life -- irrespective of whether the person makes it as an actor. For example: knowlign how to work with other people, knowing how to meet deadlines, knowing how to speak in front of a crowd or make a presentation. He was quite eloquent.</p>

My CAP21 summer was amazing. The acting classes were solid as were the vocal technique and vocal performance classes. I didn't feel that I got as much out of the dance classes, but that could be a personal bias (I don't like dancing too much). The city experience was also incredible- I saw student discount shows at least twice a week (and it is especially good for people considering NYU for college to get a sense of staying in the city) I live in NY state- so I commuted every day to the program. My friend from North Carolina, who was actually 15 going into the program, stayed with me and commuted all summer (wasn't as bad as we thought it would be). There weren't many other under 17 year olds in the program. But I do know that there were a few people who got an apartment (roomed with another CAP21 student) and there were a few who stayed with relatives in the city. I think your best bet would be to call the CAP21 studios- ask for Aimee Francis or Michon, and ask what their advice is on this situation. Sorry I can't help you any more than that! Tell your daughter to get prepared for an amazing summer!</p>


I don't think I'm coming back to Stagedoor next summer :(- Although I loved my experience there and I made some lifelong friends, this summer was a disappointment to me. I spoke to Skylar about it and we agreed that third session this year was just not up to Stagedoor par. The session was 75% new campers (and at least half of those were camelodians, it was munchkinland). The veterans had become those of us who were returning for our second year, and that was not fun. It's great to have that mix of new campers and those returning for their seventh and eighth summers (like your D!) and that dynamic just wasn't there. The shows weren't as good as shows I've seen at Stagedoor, and the level of talent just seemed to dip. Cabaret was just not good. The directors seemed to have gotten tired by third session this year and didn't seem to care as much. I love Stagedoor, and I love Stagedoor people. But for some reason, the camp itself did not meet my expectations (based on my first summer) this year. I don't think Skylar's going to go back either :(... but then again.. he's a little capricious on the subject seeing as he said he probably wasn't going back last year... so really, who knows with him. Anyway, thanks so much for your insight on colleges (if only my mom were as informed as you...) and best of luck !!


<p>I can give you some info about FSU. My D is a freshman BFA MT major there. FSU gives MT students a choice of 2 different degree programs: the BFA in musical theatre through the School of Theatre or the BM in musical theatre through the School of Music. The MT program is jointly administered by the Schools of Music and Theatre. Dr. Gayle Seaton from the School of Music and Ms. Kate Gelabert from the School of Theatre are the co-chairs. Students must choose which degree program they are applying to at the time of the audition. BFA and BM wannabes are seen by the same faculty at the same time at the auditions. Students may elect to become voice majors if they have auditioned for the BM program and have not been accepted into the MT program; likewise, they may elect to become BA theatre majors if not accepted into the BFA MT program. One audition/application process suffices. If you would like to compare the curricula of the two degree programs, go to the FSU School of Music website. I have been told by Dr. Seaton that there is some flexibility in the degrees; for example, BFA students do not give a voice recital, but BM students do. Dr. Seaton has said that she has had BFA students elect to do a recital. She's also said that BM students have taken additional drama classes that are not part of the BM program. </p>

<p>FSU has a very small MT program. Typically, only 12 freshmen are admitted. This year 10 freshmen and 2 transfer students were admitted. Last year the entire department only had 27 students. FSU tends to favor triple threat performers. It helps to have some degree of dance skill if one is auditioning for their program. The MT program does not have rolling admission. Auditions are held on campus on 3 weekends in January and February. Students are notified that they have been accepted by phone and later by mail. FSU offers a senior showcase in NYC for all MT students. It is a non-cut program, though students are required to maintain a 3.00 average in courses in the major. </p>

<p>The School of Theatre offers an MFA program. The theatre faculty is large and has quite a bit of depth. Actress Jane Alexander is a faculty member. She was the drama faculty representative at my D's audition last year. She teaches acting to the sophomore MT and BFA acting students. The School of Music is one of the largest in the south and is considered quite strong. Dr. Seaton is the music director and voice instructor for the MT program. She is a classically trained soprano who has made a specialty of the female belt voice. The MT program is assisted by the dance department, which is one of the top in the nation. Suzanne Farrell, who is considered to be the greatest American ballerina of her generation, is on the faculty.</p>

<p>My D has been happy so far at FSU. I believe that the school offers a well-balanced triple threat curriculum with a particularly strong drama component. If you have any questions, fire away.</p>

<p>Lexismom -</p>

<p>My daughter attended CAP 21 last summer as a sixteen year old - the CAP 21 program NOT the NYU sanctioned CAP 21 program. She did apply for the NYU program - but as they favor Juniors to Seniors for their program, do not audition, and receive many, many applications for 16 spots (I am sure all with wonderful GPA's and recommendations)- she did not get in. </p>

<p>However - she had already been accepted by CAP 21, with the understanding that she was too young to live in the NYU dorms. (And once at the program everyday - did not see any of the NYU sanctioned kids) We rented an apartment (on 9th Ave between 55th and 56th - 3rd floor walkup - very convenient) for the month of July and stayed with friends for the other weeks that went into June and August. And one of us stayed with her. My husband got the pleasure of staying with her for 4 weeks - and they went to the theatre every night! (he lived in Manhattan for 8 years)I came at the beginning of week 4 with our younger daughter and we all spent one wonderful week together. My husband took the younger D. back to Oregon and I stayed on for the final weeks. (We spent the last 4 days at the festival in Chatauqua NY seeing another friend's play)</p>

<p>I know she will tell you she had a different experience than the kids in the dorms - but I know she saw more theatre than any of them! She wishes she could have spent 3 weeks with us - and 3 weeks in the dorms.</p>

<p>Dani - I don't think you were in any of her classes. She knew 2 girls from N. Carolina but thought they were in the dorms (maybe more from the South?)</p>

<p>She was very happy about her NY experience - NYU Tisch CAP 21 is very high on the list when the time comes (She is now a Junior in HS)</p>

<p>I usually lurk - but have found this list VERY helpful.</p>


<p>Did she have Kathryn Rossetter for acting? And vocal performance with Jonathon Hammond? Blonde Hair? hehe. By your description, I think I know who you're talking about and I was in those two classes with the girl I'm thinking of! If so, say hi to her from Dani, Allie, and Emily (N.Carolinian Emily)!</p>