colleges for pre-med major

hey! I’m new to this site, so excuse me if anything is not right. I’m an international student from a small EU country who’s hoping to apply to US colleges this year for the 2021 entry. however, I’ve only recently started to think of it as I was always pretty sure that I’m going to apply to European unis only. that’s why I don’t unfortunately know a lot about the application process, I tried to do my own research before posting, but didn’t really know what I should focus on.
so I’m looking for a college which would be good for pre-med major (as I want to study medicine eventually) and offers financial aid for international students, possibly some need-blind colleges and some just with good scholarships. I’ve not taken SAT yet (or ACT, but I think I’m leaning more towards SAT if it doesn’t matter) since I’ve only got this idea to apply there.
what would you suggest as good colleges to have a look at and do you think it’s even realistic for me to start planning the application only now and still apply this year? do you know any websites/youtube channels which would explain the process to me, where I could receive more information?
all help would be much appreciated, thank you so much, take care! :smiley:

Where do you plan to go to medical school? I wrote out a more detailed response in your post in the financial aid section.

@thumper1 and I are on the same wave length regarding an international student who wants to attend US med school, so I am not going to repeat what she said.
You’d much better to attend an EU school and get a MD degree in order to work there.
However, if you want to work in the US other than in the medical field, you should come here to attend school.
High School students change their mind in majors very often, when they find out medicine is not their interest after going after it for a while.