Colleges for the okay students

<p>Does anyone agree that after the top universities, the next step is just mediocre? For the students like me, in honors and aps yet a gpa of 3.5 and 600/700 sat scores, obviously you're not getting into a top school. But i feel like we have to resort to non-reputable schools(not saying reputation is everything). All the schools that i look at either require stats just above mine or a little farther below mine than i would like. I'm not exactly sure what I am asking. . .but any thoughts?</p>

<p>Don't call yourself an okay student. A GPA of 3.5 and those SATs are something to be proud of. There are plenty of schools for you. You might be too blinded by ideas of prestige. CC is a fairyland. Most kids aren't 4.0, and if they are their school is too easy.</p>



<p>No. There are plenty of good schools which the 3.5 GPA student with 600-700 scores on each SAT section can go to.</p>

<p>Please. On what basis are they just mediocre? And reputable to whom? Are the only reputable schools the top 20 National Universities in US News? If so, the 99 percent of the other students are doomed to a dull and meaningless life. Just because you've never heard of a school doesn't mean their mediocre. Sorry for the rant but you really need to stop feeling sorry for yourself and open your eyes to all the incredible opportunities you have.</p>

<p>The thing that bothers me most about this type of post is not just that the op is putting him or herself down, s/he is putting down a whole lot of terrific kids with him/her. Other kids read these things and feel badly when they shouldn't.</p>

Does anyone agree that after the top universities, the next step is just mediocre?

No, I don't agree. I'm sure that in the conversations you have with your friends at school people talk rapturously about the top U's, and everything else might seem to pale in comparison. However the consensus held by 18-year-old HS students is often at odds with the nature of the world seen by, say, those in the adult world.</p>