Colleges googling applicans?

<p>I heard that colleges googles some applicants so I googled my name to make sure there is nothing bad. One of the searches was a myspace search page with 3 people with the same name but mine was the last one from like 7th grade. It says the F word in the bottom, how worried should I be? Or am I just being paranoid..</p>

<p>Surely that isn't even remotely something that would hurt you. I think you are just fine :)</p>

<p>thats great to hear :]</p>

<p>But scour your current facebook. All students need to be careful: Once you hit "send" -- be it facebook, IM, email, texting -- you've lost control of it, and it could come back to haunt you.</p>

<p>I am keeping my facebook pretty clean.</p>

<p>Also I use my nickname on social network sites like Facebook and on my old Myspace account i was concerned about.</p>

<p>Those rumors are false. You really think colleges, in this day of extremely tight budgets and high applicant numbers, would spend additional time/money going through an applicant's personal internet history.</p>

<p>Seriously. They don't care. At the very worst, they might glance over your Facebook if it's not private, but even that's probably extremely rare.</p>

<p>I was being paranoid and worried for no reason -_-</p>

<p>I think they google you at some of the elite universities if you claim to have accomplished something pretty big. I don't think they are looking for the F word but trying to confirm EC's. That said, I'd still keep my facebook squeaky clean.</p>