Colleges I can get into with a 3.7 gpa

I go to Staten Island Technical High school and am a junior. I have a 92ish gpa unweighted and a 98ish weighted and a 1450 SAT. I dont see my GPA changing. I really want to Cornell,NYU,Fordham,Stonybrooke,Binghampton,and BU as well as some bs/md’s such as Sophie Davis, Brooklyn College, St. Bonaventure university, Stevens Institute of Technology, and the Drexel early assurance program. I have a lot of extracurriculars
-4 years of SING
-4 years of Spring Musical
-Science Debate team
-Mental Health awareness club
-autism awareness club
-did a year of science research
-glee club
-renagate theater club
-shadowed two doctors
-950 hours of volunteer work
-recently joined key club
-in the process of creating a non profit organization
-underwater robotics team
-solar car team
-in the process of making glasses in our schools makerspace lab (glasses with a motion sensor to help elderly when crossing the street)
-got qualified from National Merit program worst case scenario i get named commended scholar
-plan on doing NYU summer college
-Perry Outreach Program

pres of 4 clubs
-Turkish Club
-Marine Bio club
-Als Awareness Club
-Model u.s. senate

guys please reply

Doing a ton of clubs does not make your application look good. In this case, your ECs are a mess. I would drop the Turkish Club, Senate, Theater Club, Key Club, JSA and the awareness clubs. If music and science are your things, then focus on them and develop them a little more while you have time (called a spike). I’ve heard multiple times that if you just shove a bunch of random clubs on your app, it’s a negative. If you told I could see all of these schools as a “possibility” except for Cornell, I’m more than sure it’s not going to happen.

Look into WPI. I know of someone who got in with a 3.7 and strong ECs/leadership skills. Very project-based, hands-on curriculum that might appeal to you (judging by your ECs.)

BTW, I can’t chance you on your list…sorry if it’s not relevant to add another…

the clubs on my app are related to what i want to do however, i want to go into pre med or global health science which relates to the awareness clubs. I also do theater which relates to the music. The only one that stick out are Model u.s. senate and turkish because 1) im turkish 2) I enjoy debating politics every now and then hence the JSA and Model U.S.Senate.

It appears you are interested in Medical school. You may find this website helpful: https://■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■/threads/which-schools-have-the-best-medical-school-placement-rates.1173190/

Surprisingly, “Anyone from anywhere can get into a medical school somewhere,” but it might not be Harvard, Yale or some other Ivy. If you don’t believe this statement, learn about DO schools like University of New England. Ten percent of the Doctors in Maine come from there. Thank goodness we have them!

Select a school where you feel you will be challenged and comfortable so you will do well. Be sure the program provides flexibility in case you decide along the way that you really do not want to do this. If you switch concentrations at the end of the first year, what can you study and what are the career opportunities? Lab techs don’t have lots of options in the life sciences.

PS: We need more Doctors in Maine! It is OK with us if you come by way of the Ivies, but these are not your only options.

Your profile is strong enough to do the job if you are as driven as your ECs indicate and you are comfortable in the school you select.

You can check the Common Data Set for Stony Brook, Binghamton, and the other SUNYs to see how competitive you are with your current GPA. Has your family decided on a budget yet? I’d figure that out first.