Colleges in CA offering Textile Engineering?

<p>A friend of mine wants to go to USA to study Textile Engineering, but he and I are both clueless about which colleges offer this major. I'll be really grateful if you guys could give some good suggestions for colleges. Thanks.</p>

<p>there aren't any...look in the south or northeast</p>

<p>NC state and GA tech are the best...</p>

<p>University of California at Davis has a Textile and Fashion Program.</p>

<p>yeah, but it's more like polymer science</p>

<p>Out of curiosity, is Textile Engineering the same as Material Science/Engineering?</p>

<p>i heard the science was similar ...</p>

<p>I thought Textile Engineering was a fancy name for sewing. Kind of like a garbage man being called a Sanitation Engineer.</p>

<p>Yes. I recommend pursuing materials engineering instead of textiles engineering.</p>