colleges in midwest

<p>I live in Michigan. I will apply to U of Michigan and U of Chicago. What other good universities are nearby?</p>

<p>WashU in St. Louis, Northwestern.</p>

<p>Case Western, U Wisconsin, UIUC, etc. There are many good ones.</p>

<p>(Agree with those listed,) Oberlin</p>

<p>University of Notre Dame. Indiana University has some great merit aid and some strong programs depending on your major. Purdue is great for engineering. If you want to look at LACs, look at Kenyon, Carleton, Denison, DePauw, Knox, Beloit, Kalamazoo.</p>

<p>Basically all of the Big Ten schools are worth a look. Still, in-state tuition at UMich is going to be really hard to beat.</p>

<p>U Minnesota-TC, Macalester, Drake, Grinnell.</p>