Colleges in the 2021-2022 Academic Year & Coronavirus (Part 2)

Here is the latest news from Williams:

College embarks on fully in-person semester, but not without hiccups – The Williams Record


Nice summary of where we are with the vaccines and breakthrough case symptoms etc…along the lines of what we were discussing upthread with realistic expectations for colleges.


Seems like that would not require a dedicated major, but can be done with any course work combination of sufficient science plus writing and communication of science to non-scientists. However, it would not be out of the question for a college to offer a dedicated major as an easy-to-follow framework for a student who wants to go in that direction, rather than try to piece that together with some other major.

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OT, but there are reasons why it doesn’t happen. PM if you’re interested.

Studying statistics, and the science of proper research trials, would be really important. We have all kinds of untrained people interpreting scientific studies—not ideal.

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Latest update from Pitt:

Vaccination rates on the Pittsburgh campus

  • Faculty: 82%
  • Staff: 84%
  • Graduate students: 93%
  • Undergraduate students: 93%
    • On-campus undergraduate students: 97%
    • Off-campus undergraduate students: 90%

Note that Pitt does not require vaccination but you must be tested weekly if you are not vaccinated. I think they shut off access to university buildings if you don’t get tested, judging from one very panicky post from a parent in my Facebook group.

They have had 44 student positive cases in the past week, 15 among faculty and staff.


From a Reddit post. I hope all schools are conveying this message and safety tips. I hadn’t really thought about how hospitals being full of Covid patients could negatively impact care for college students with alcohol poisoning.

Social Outings are marathons NOT races!

As university staff, I work with college students everyday to help support them in their interpersonal development and safety in my role. Part of my duties is to also hold conduct meetings with students who have violated policy. The amount of cases we have had come through this year compared to years past is bewildering to say the least. Tons more binge drinking, many more alcohol transports to the hospital, and vomit everywhere. This may sound funny, but when you have to call a parent and explain that their child is in the hospital due to alcohol poisoning, it loses all sense of humor.

Look. I know the last year everyone has been cooped up. We all are trying to reclaim lost experiences. However, you need to pace yourselves. Drink to your limit. Drink only with friends. Do NOT take open drinks from others. Have transportation home planned out before going out. Simple tips you surely have heard before, but I promise you this is not just for your own health. This is for the wellbeing of the community, staff, and EMS. Our local hospital is almost entirely full with COVID patients, and trying to find spaces for students who have severe alcohol poisoning or have been slipped a drug that they did not intend to take, is extremely difficult. Your choices have far ranging consequences friends. Be very thoughtful with them!